Hip Shapes

Stephen Piveral from Grace Church (CIA Youth) in Tulsa, OK brings us these cool shapes made from ordinary materials.

Their design team pieced this together using a few new materials and a lot of existing/re-purposed items.

The flown diamonds were made from their previous design’s main element that they called their “Light Wall.” The were cut down from 12 ft. lengths to about 2.5 ft. The lights for the diamonds were C9 Christmas light 25 bulb stringers with G50 bulbs. Each panel of the diamond was connected to its own dimmer channel. The diamonds were hung using solid core rope that they screwed into the frame of the diamonds. The rope was hung from a pre-existing bar that was suspended from the roof by chain.

The PVC wall was constructed using 10 foot lengths of 2in PVC cut in half and attached to the frame of their previous light wall. They used black duct tape to create the chevron pattern and lit it with two American DJ MEGA BAR RGBA fixtures.

Their stage also included 24 Par56 cans with color gels, and 12 par56 cans as blinders/warm lighting from their previous design. They added 6 par38 cans as floor-level back lighting/blinders for this design. They also had about 6 par 36 pinspot size fixtures for use as uplights. Their main front lighting was 6 ALTMAN 360Q leikos. The colored back light LEDs were Chauvel SlimPar 64 RGBA fixtures.

IMG_1600 IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1621 IMG_1628 IMG_1630 IMG_1635 IMG_1657 IMG_1659 MG_2386

4 responses to Hip Shapes

  1. Way to represent Grace Church! You guys rock!!!!

  2. Love it! Super simple but looks good! How much did this cost, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Thomas,

      In terms of new materials, our budget was $300, and we used about $240-250 of that. Most of that was the PVC, some wood for the framing of the diamonds, and the solid core rope.

      Remember though, a lot of material was used from our previous design (the light strands and wood to hold them, the frame for the PVC wall).

  3. What are those forward bending trusses?

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