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Chris Meek from The King’s House in McAlester, Oklahoma brings us this stage design for a summer day camp.

From Chris: After much online research we believe we came up with the perfect stage design to fit our church and what we accomplished in summer 2015 for 1st-6th graders at our 2nd annual Summer Day Camp.

The GIANT Cityscape backdrop is 18 ft. X 56 ft. 2 Pass – Matte. Hem with grommets every 2 ft. All 4 sides. Ordered from Billboardsetcinc.com at $1,250.04. We hung it by creating a makeshift pole log enough to hang it from a pulley system we made. The GIANT red square in the middle was used as the focal point of the stage. In front of it we hung a 3-D “superman shield” with florescent light strips behind it to give it a “halo” effect. The shield was made from plywood and 2X4’s then painted. On the “superman” shield we screwed a custom LED “neon looking” light that had our logo on it. The custom made LED light fixture was ordered through GSS Sign and Design in Mounds Oklahoma and cost around $2,500.00 (see attached image for exact dimensions)

The “H” (for Hero) Projection disc for Gobo Lights. Was ordered from stagespot.com at $40 for two gobo discs. (see attached image for projection)

The H.E.R.O logo itself was made from an online design contest called designcrowd.com. After selecting the winner (our favorite design) we had a week to work with the designer for any final tweaks we needed. After approval and payment we now own the logo along with editable files. We used the logo for the stage centerpiece, a 8X10 ft step and repeat banner that we ordered through uprinting.com and we had T-shorts made with the logo on the front too. Designcrowd.com cost us around $200.00

Hanging randomly in the worship center above the crowd were two different items used as décor:

1) Jumbo (26inX18in) BAM, POW, and CRASH comic book style signs. Approx. 20 were adhered to a cardboard center making them appear to be front and back. Ordered from Amazon.com at $10.64 for every 6 pcs. Hung by fishing line.

2) Custom made “superman” shields painted front and back to mimic the stages centerpiece “superman” shield. These were made from plywood and all ranged from 2 ft, 5 ft and 8 ft long. Hung by sturdy black nylon string.

Six life sized backlit superhero silhouettes. Each box is mounted on wheels (piano dolly) for easy movement on stage. The heroes are: ironman, batman, green lantern, the flash, hulk, wonder woman. Boxes are approx. 3 ft wide, 16 in. deep, and 6 ft. high. made from plywood and 2X4’s. The sheets were 1500 thread count king sized bed sheets ordered through amazon.com at $25-$35 each (depending on the color). The silhouettes and words we large images printed from one of our church members who owns a printing company. He printed them on some kind of adhesive backing and applied them to the sheets from inside the boxes. Before the boxes were sealed up from behind with plywood, two fluorescent light fixtures were mounted inside. (see attached image)

Eight to Ten individual 3-D (black buildings) that create the Cityscape. Each building was built from MDF board, 2X4’s, and plywood and is different in shape/dimensions. They coincide with the black buildings on the lower part of the GAINT Banner. These buildings were placed 2-3 ft away form the banner and had LED lights shinning up from behind them allowing the “windows” to shine. Building material cost was approx. $500-$600. The shapes and designs of each building were chosen from one of the lower buildings from the GIANT banner.

8x10-banner big-logo boom-2 centerpiece-info cityscape giant-banner gobo-image stage

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