Hearts Falling

Joel Burbrink from The Point in Seymour, IN brings us this stage design filled with hearts.

They had been in a series in February called Love Is, one in March called Love Does, and ended that with their Easter service. They used the hanging hearts on the back wall through the entire series and added the heart shaped crown of thorns for Easter. The hearts on the back wall were cut from foam core and strung on fishing line. They used a washer on the top end and hung them from hooks on the ceiling. This was inspired by another design they saw on CSDI.

Then they added the heart shaped crown of thorns for Easter. It was about 12 feet tall and made from pool noodles and craft paper. This was inspired by CSDI as well. Joel saw the large crown of thorns from the design titled Thorns and Hope. They supported the heart from the back so they could lean it back at an angle toward their back wall. They tied it off at three equal points.

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3 responses to Hearts Falling

  1. great design, question, how do you guys connect your projectors to the computer any hardware/cables in particular???


    • Thank you! Ours were done a company that we hired to do it. Our signal has to travel well over 100 feet so it comes out of the computer as VGA and is converted to RJ45. It is then converted back to VGA at the projector. There are two converters. One at the computer and one at the projector. The converter boxes we have are Kramer boxes.
      Hope this is what you are looking for!

      • it does help ! thank you !! do you happen to have the model of the kramer boxes? i as well have to send the vga signal over 150 ft. and a long vga cable is just not working it degrades the signal tremendously.. thanks for the help !

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