Halo Words

Dan Moran from Cross Mountain Church in San Antonio, TX brings us these awesome words that remind me of the logo from Halo (video game).

They built this set for a night of prayer and worship that they call Elevate.

They decided to spell out the word “elevate” in large letters and have them back lit.

They started with 4×8 sheets of foam board. They made two letters per sheet. Using an overheard projector they blew up the letters so they could be traced on the boards.

After cutting out the letters they used transparent red wrapping paper to create the red inset in each letter.

Then they mounted the letters to a base made from 10′ 1″x10″ boards. This provided a stable base. A firm wire across the top of the letters kept them aligned.

Finally, they used 7 5 1/2″ clamp lights to back light the letters. Then they added a little fog and, voila!

They spent about $140 on this project and all supplies were bought at local hardware and craft stores.

7 responses to Halo Words

  1. Wow I love this! I am so doing this with the words Thrive!

  2. This looks great! I’m curious about how you mounted the styrofoam letters to the 10′ board that ran along the base, how did you do that?

    • Hi. Thanks, it was a big hit. I originally just used sheet rock screws through the foam board into the wood. The wood is pine so it is soft wood, but the foam board by itself only held up to do that once. I used some white duct tape across the bottom of the letters to give it more support. I think I create letters again I will spend the extra $2 a sheet and get the thicker board with paper backing on it, but then the letters will need to be painted.

  3. The letters are awesome! I’m about to try to recreate them! I also love the curtains in the back…what kind of lights do you have on the white curtains giving them the red glow?


  4. Thank you for the comments! We have black curtains around the back of the stage and we had individual white curtains pulled together at the bottom. The lights are can lights (sorry, not real tech savy on stage lights) with red gels inserted in them. I hope that helps! Have a blessed day!

  5. Thanks so much! I was hoping they were can lights because I actually have those!!

  6. this is cool. i love it. my favorite on churchstagedesignideas.com

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