February 27, 2012

One of our sponsors, All Pro Sound, wants to give away a wireless microphone system to one of the CSDI readers. How do you enter to win? Simply leave a comment on this post (use your real email address) and share this link ( on Facebook or Twitter. All Pro Sound will get the email addresses and pick a winner from the list. Deadline to enter is March 30, 11:59pm CST. Leave a comment now. (One entry per person.)

Here are the details on the system:

This is a UHF wireless handheld microphone system, great for communicating from the pulpit, singing, television interviews, and more. Infrared frequency sync takes the pain out of setting up the system. A noise-free mute switch keeps you out of the mains when you don’t want to be, and auto-scanning and true diversity channel switching keeps the signal nice and strong.


  • Frequency Range 655-679 mHz
  • Handheld wireless microphone system
  • 32 channel UHF Selectable frequencies
  • True diversity
  • Auto scan
  • Metal chassis
  • Rack mount included.
  • Infrared Frequency Sync
  • Noise-Free Mute switch
  • 2 AA Batteries included
  • XLR & 1/4″ outputs

265 responses to Giveaway!

  1. Pick me, pick me!!!!

  2. Thanks for all the AWESOME inspiration I get here!

  3. Sign me up!

  4. PICK ME!!!.. THANK YOU!!! :D

  5. Wow! This would be an answer to prayer! God bless you All Pro Sound!

  6. I would love to win this!

  7. Living Faith Church thanks you for the mic!

  8. I will take this..gladly!

  9. Would love to win this for our church
    thanks for the blessing
    god bless

  10. Need this for our 4month old church!

  11. would truly amplify the sounds for our Xtreme Kid’s ministry…yep…yep.

  12. I could really use this.

  13. Love the site and great contest! Keep up the good work!

  14. Check one check two:)

  15. Awesome products!

  16. I have never win anything if god what me to have it then i will win

  17. Grate prize! I could really use this

  18. Great contest idea! Thanks!

  19. Our young and upcoming church would love this to help serve the community! Thanks All Pro Sound!!

  20. Mic me!

  21. I love free wireless microphones but I love All Pro Sound EVEN MORE!!!

  22. CSDI always has articles that are inspiring and show the creativity of others! This mic would be a great addition for our growing worship team! Keep the ideas coming!

  23. Sounds great to me!

  24. Here is my comment. :)

  25. this is the winning comment, there’s no doubt about it.

  26. Would be awesome to win this system for our church.

  27. that would be nice

  28. My church could really use this!

  29. I’d LOVE to win this!! Pick me!

  30. To quote the line in “Finding Nemo” coming from the seagulls, “Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.”

  31. YESSSS!!!!!!

  32. I would so love to win this mic!

  33. we will use this mic for our middle-school and college students’ ministries… really need one…

  34. Our Youth Ministry could really use this!!!! :)

  35. yes please

  36. I woud love this mic for my church. We are in the market for a few new wireless ones for both of our buildings. would love to win this mic!

  37. Love the site. Could use the mic.

  38. In need of this this type system! Loved this site!

  39. Thanks in advance!!!!

  40. Would so use this for our church. Defs going to win :P

  41. My praise team could really use this.

  42. Pick me!!

  43. We could really use this system. We do service in and outside of our church and this would make the work allot simpler. Thanks!

  44. Robert Koschewski February 28, 2012 at 5:39 am

    It is always nice to win for the first time. Thank you for that chance.

  45. This is great for your business! Thank you!

  46. In today’s economy of financially hurting churches, it is great to see people like you be willing to give away free stuff! God bless you!

  47. This would be an awesome help to our church!

  48. This is great – thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Winning!!!

  50. A member of a recently formed Stage Design Team, and as a bassist on the Worship Team in our two-year old church, “The Well,” I have been discussing with other Team members on the advantages of going to an all (mics and IEMs) wireless system. Winning this set would definitely be a great first step toward achieving ‘that goal.’ Thank you . . .

  51. Great mic system. Hope to win it.

  52. Thanks for the great website, tons of great ideas and creations sparked…and the chance to win the mic.

  53. Church Stage Design Ideas is the first website i check every morning! Forget the News, sports, weather!!! It’s all about awesome stages for me!!!

  54. I sure would love to use this system!

  55. Wooo, I need a new mic :)

  56. Comment submitted

  57. Could always use new equipment

  58. C.J. Zettlemoyer February 28, 2012 at 9:10 am

    NEED new equipment. small budget and cant afford nice things…lol

  59. I was just on Musician’s Friend looking for a new mic when I decided to check my reader feed and saw this. Would love to get a mic for freeeeeee.

  60. Could really use a new microphone. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  61. cool mic :)

  62. We are part of a new church plant. That mic would be a huge help. Thank you so much.

  63. Could definitely use this!

  64. I really like the square design that is something we have been looking at doing at our church great job.

  65. Pick Me!!!

  66. This would be awesome!!!

  67. I could make great use of this!

  68. What a great giveaway, thanks so much for offering!

  69. This site is awesome! I really hope I win this system!(: God Bless

  70. Here goes nothing!!!

  71. I want to win the wireless mic!

  72. Would be an incredible blessing to our ministry!

  73. Could really use this.

  74. Our church could use this!

  75. Is this on?

  76. We could sure use this….

  77. Wow, what a great and generous give away. We’d be proud to have it!

  78. Excellent. Thanks.

  79. Sign me up!

  80. That is really cool! We could really put this to good use in our church!

  81. All Pro Sound is giving away a wireless microphone system to one of the CSDI readers … it could be you if you participate.

  82. Entering the contest. :)

  83. This site is a great resource for stage design! I love how it inspires me to create an environment for church to take place!

  84. I need a microphone that doesn’t cut out…

  85. Youth room makeover, go!

  86. Hope I win!!

  87. We could sure use one of these in the Fellowship Hall!

  88. I’m in

  89. ^^^^ pick this guy!

  90. OutCry WINS!!!

  91. Funny how a simple punter gets so many people to respond. Winning.

  92. What would Jesus do?

  93. Yes, please.

  94. Fingers crossed.

  95. This would work great for me!

  96. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Love the site (!

  97. C’mon APS! WE NEEEEEED THIS!!!!!

  98. Would love to receive this for my church! God Bless!!

  99. Our Worship Team System is an antiquated mono system with wires all over the stage. We are wanting to update our sound system, this wound be a nice start to updating the system.

  100. This would be a great blessing to my Church. Life Church in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

  101. My preaching mic transmitter is always losing signal, so this would be great to win! Thanks

  102. This would defiantly be a blessing! Thanks for the great give-a-way. Love this site, can’t wait to share what we are doing!

  103. Shared it on FB and Twitter! I know a Church Plant in Plano Texas that would put great use to that wireless mic.

  104. It would be amazing to win this system, especially since we will be starting a new church for the youth (it’s surrently under construction and almost done already!!!) and we’re very excited about it!!! It would be awesome to start off our new home with a new system!!!

  105. YES! We NEED this! Thanks for the chance to win! (link posted on FB as requested, btw).

  106. Very cool!

  107. I would love to add this to our children’s ministry!

  108. This would be a great addition. Thanks!

  109. We could really benefit from this mic!

  110. Hi pick me:)

  111. This site has been great insight for stage design, and the many choices have been inspiring. Thanks to All Pro Sound for this donation. Love to win it. It would further the kingdom of God.

  112. We need those for our new church plant

  113. yay free mics! yay church plants!

  114. This would rock our new church plant!

  115. I know a new church plant that could use all the help they can get!

  116. Yes, please…for some sweet peeps.

  117. Great Opportunity!

  118. Tjis would be such a blessing to me and my church in the service of His Kingdom

  119. I know of a preacher who is starting a new church plant in Madison, Alabama. They sure could use this system to the glory of God.

  120. This would be such a nice gift to give to a good friend who is in the process of bringing the kingdom to another area of our city!!

  121. Our church plant could definitely put this to good use!

  122. We would love this:) our church plant begins in six months:) woo hoo!

  123. GREAT giveaway! I tweeted … please count me in! :)

  124. Would love to win this for our new church plant happening in Madison, AL!

  125. Our Church could use this. We are in the process of renovating and would be greatly appreciated

  126. This would be incredibly useful!! Thanks!

  127. Would love for it be something I could give my son for the new church plant

  128. A real need for a new church plant that I would donate to

  129. Will be a great bless for new church start !

  130. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself!

  131. Hazzaah for Giveaways!

  132. Kevin Vincent March 1, 2012 at 9:14 am

    This is pretty awesome. Thanks Pro Sound and Church Stage!

  133. comment

  134. and the winner is …..

  135. Chris Phillips March 1, 2012 at 10:49 am

    This would be such a blessing to our worship team

  136. OH YEA!!!

  137. On behalf of my awesome worship team I would love to enter this contest.

  138. Would be great for my church!

  139. Ricardo Trinidad III March 1, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Faro Church would love the mic.

  140. Cynthia Cabello March 2, 2012 at 8:35 am

    I’m in!

  141. I could really use this!!

  142. Sign me up

  143. What a huge blessing it would be if we received this!

  144. My church could use this soooo bad. We have serious cord and wire issues on our stage.

  145. We have 12 singers. We also have something you might call cord clutter. I don’t wish that mess on anyone! What an awesome thing you guys are doing, this will definitely be a blessing to anyone who receives it!

  146. I like AllPro, I mean not just FB, I like buying from them.

  147. Rev. Regina Briggs March 2, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    Wow I am so blessed and honored to recieve this gift and will use it to Glorify Our God. Thank you in advance and bless you many times over.

  148. Thank you All Pro Sound for your generosity.

  149. I would like a free mic.

  150. Esteban Lizana March 3, 2012 at 8:53 am

    MIC MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Looking forward to using this mic!!


  153. Not gonna lie, I don’t really need it. I’ll find someone that does though…

  154. Could use this for sure!

  155. This would be great for my church to have.

  156. Kevin Kluckhohn March 4, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    sign me up! :-0

  157. Bruce Schwarz March 4, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    That would certainly give us more freedom to move about the cabin!

  158. Pastor Jordan March 5, 2012 at 8:45 am

    What an blessing this would be to our church durning a hard financial time! Thank you!

  159. I love this website. It has given me so many ideas for our church.

  160. We love All Pro Sound!!!!

  161. WOW what ah combo ALL Pro and Church Stage Design Ideas helping us ROCK it out!!! Thanks for such an awesome website with great ideas and now awesome FREE equipment to boot!!! BOOM

  162. For the church.

  163. Great site… great contest… would love to win!!

  164. Check 1 2 Check 1 2. This would be Awesome!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  165. A huge blessing it would be if we received this!

  166. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  167. Jesse Dominguez March 5, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    Wow! I could really use a new wireless mic at our church. Are mics are falling apart and this will help. Especially they’re coming from All Pro Sound.

    If it’s Gods will it WILL be done if not God will bless those who need it.


  168. Thanks for the opportunity to win something great for my church!

  169. Michael Booth March 5, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    This would be great for our Church! Praying I win!

  170. Jonathan Howard March 5, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Having a wireless mic would be really nice and could have a lot of uses.

  171. Well, since everyone is saying how much they need it…

    Our church doesn’t even have a wireless mic. We’re rockin’ it from the 90’s.

  172. I think it is awesome that they are doing a giveaway. We are always looking for new products to try and All Pro Sound looks like a great company. I really hope we are able to win this mic or at least be able to try out some of their wireless mics in the future.

  173. This is a great blessing! Whether I win or not, what an amazing idea. Giveaways are wonderful!

  174. Kodak United Methodist Church NEEDS new microphones!!!!! PLEASE pick us!!!!! Thank you, and GOD BLESS!!!!!

  175. I NEED this!! The End.

  176. Wireless is the way to go it would be awesome to have this for our church to allow our vocalists to move around and engage the people more in worship and makes less clutter on stage!

  177. Just like All Pro Sound… My wife and I are two people with a Dream! We desire to change this generation with the Love of Jesus Christ!!! The UHF wireless handheld microphone system is a tool that would help us in fulfilling that dream.

  178. Love this site, sharing on Twitter right now :)

  179. Awesome!

  180. Sweeet.

  181. i wouldn’t mind winning!

  182. We’re looking to dress our platform. We used some rock walls “styrofoam” recently and it make our live feed look great. So we’re looking into something a little more permanent to bring the back wall up closer to the speaker,or at least give the illusion. You have some great ideas.

  183. Cant tell you how much I love this site and the inspiration, Keep it up!

    • just want to say this site has really helped with coming up with decorating ideas for our upcoming church function

  184. michael branton March 7, 2012 at 2:52 am

    microphone check, micro, micro, phone, check, microphone check, micro, micro, phone check.

  185. Sharon Mitchell March 7, 2012 at 6:06 am

    Hi, I think this is a great site and a great idea for a giveaway. I come here to get ideas to take back to my church. We are doing something for Easter next.

  186. Taryn Lopshire March 7, 2012 at 9:24 am

    Sure would be a blessing to win this for our church plant. Thank you for all the amazing ideas and resources!

  187. New church plant and we could really use this!

  188. A chance to win free stuff ? sweet! *check* I’m in…

  189. This is awesome!

  190. Jonesville Baptist loves All Pro Sound.

  191. What a great blessing this would be. Thanks All Pro Sound!

  192. How cool. Entering my name. =)

    Blessings to all.

  193. My youth group is in desperate need of this!

  194. I would love to win this for our kids ministry thanks for picking
    Me in Jesus name I believe I receive :) amen

  195. I would love to win this…also lovin all the cool designs on Church Stage Design Ideas! Looking forward to breathing new life into an old sanctuary…

  196. What a wonderful surprise it would be to win this for our portable church – thank you for the opportunity, All Pro Sound!

  197. Who couldn’t use more Wireless!?!

  198. Awesome!!!

  199. R egina Ludwig March 12, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    I hate tripping over wires! Been there done that! :) Wireless is the way to go!

  200. Please God, bless the church

  201. Chrstopher Carter March 12, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    My Church could really use this, we are a new church plant and we are in serious need of this! Faith in action!!

  202. we could really use this!

  203. I would love to win this for my church!!

  204. love the ideas shared on CSDI!!!

  205. sharing on facebook!! awesome giveaway!

  206. My church is in the process of buying mics right now (WOW they are expensive!!) Keep me in mind please :-)

  207. Christopher Brouns March 15, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Thanks to your generous sponsors for a great opportunity. LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!

  208. Garrett Moreno March 16, 2012 at 8:28 am

    I love the ideas that come from here! What a genius way to share these!!

  209. I´d love to win this!

  210. Thank you for the gift :)

  211. Love this site… Really hope we win! We currently do not have wireless mics due to cost… Could really put these to good use.

  212. We would love to have wireless at our church. We are small rural congregation…and we still use wired…please!!!! get us into the 1970’s

  213. god please anoint this mic who ever use this mic in there church let them feel your presence

  214. What a great idea from a very helpful web site. We have used ideas from this site for our comtemporary worship design. Keep it up!

  215. Youth Pastor who needs a mic!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!

  216. Amazing site!

  217. Came to look at stage design and found you guys! Wireless is the way to go….and we sure would like to do just that! God bless you all.

  218. Our youth pastor could use this for his ministry, or even the praise team.

  219. Laura Rinehimer March 19, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    we could totally use these for our youth ministry, as a growing plant church juggling media gear from room to room!

  220. Free stuff. Woo woo! Keep up the awesome work stage designers!

  221. Louis Tagliaboschi March 20, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Yes please. Would be awesome please.

  222. Patrick Colston March 20, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    Im 13 and sing praise & worship songs, I could really use this at church and at home !!!

  223. YES PLEASE :) It will be used to its maximum potential.

  224. OMW-how do I visit this site everyday and just realized it wasn’t too late to leave a comment and enter?!?!? Our young adult ministry doesn’t own a single mic and borrows borrows borrows-pick me :)!!!!

  225. Hey! I would love to be entered into this contest!! We are looking to start a youth facility and right now we are using the church sanctuary on Sunday nights for youth. We really want a place of our own and this really would get us started on the right track. Right now in terms of youth technology we have…uh nothing!

  226. Cool! Need a new mic for our church.

  227. We just started our church 6 weeks ago, and we’re still adding new equipment. The new mic would be a nice addition.

  228. Leonard Thorpe March 22, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Love visiting this website!Such great stage design idea’s that we’re implementing into our church. You all are being such a blessing to the body of Christ! Keep bring it!

  229. I love this sight. We have gains some very valuable ideas. Thank you for all you do.

  230. calling in favor!!!!


  231. Hope I win! :)

  232. Love this website!

  233. Yeeehaaaa! Blessings to everyone!

  234. i have faith in the Lord i will win this Microphone! i will only use it for you Lord and nothing else! Our praise and honor will be heard through this amazing tool you have created! Your name exalted! please guys.. let me win this mic :D

  235. Hello! I am a 17 year old youth from a Hispanic church in Chatsworth, GA. We have been a church for about 10 years now, and we have had the same audio system and equipment for a long time now. We would truly be blessed to win this new microphone set. We have support from our local baptist church. But we have yet still to work on our development as a Hispanic ministry within our community. Winning this would truly help in our strive to grow in our ministry for GOD!

  236. Hey guys. This website is mega helpful. Especially for an inner city youth pastor on a tight budget! We have been pushing the message of the love of Jesus Christ throughout our community in Augusta, Ga and our youth ministry is BOOMING. With all the kids crammed into one room, its so hard for them all to hear the gospel message without me shouting! This would be a huge blessing for us to have, and we would use it to proclaim the name of Jesus, but i’ll pray that WHOEVER win this, that God will bless them and use this blessing to further HIS purpose!

  237. our youth room really needs it!!

  238. God Bless!

  239. Love this site. Full of inspiration. Thank you!

  240. We were just talking about how our church needed a new one. THIS WOULD ROCK!

  241. I would love it!

  242. Maybe I’m lucky this late in the Game…I want this!