Kim McLennan and Brad Hicks from Rolling Hills Covenant in Rolling Hills Estates, CA brings us this non-Christmas yet Christmas-like stage design.

Their teaching series was “The Gift of God”. They didn’t want it to look Christmas-like even though they wanted some amount of gifts involved. The sub-topics that would be covered were: The Gift of the Light of Jesus, The Gift of the Life of Jesus, The Gift of the Abilities of Jesus and The Gift of the Love of Jesus.

So what they came up with was ribbons of fabric draped, drop down banners with “light”, “life”, “love of Jesus” and “gifts and abilities” painted on them, and then they had cardboard boxes painted and wrapped with ribbon to look like a present and then strung together and hung from the ceiling. Each element was at a different depth to create great dimension. They did this on two different stages on campus: their large worship center and then in their smaller room.

IMG_3556 IMG_3601 IMG_3603 IMG_3605-1 IMG_3705

4 responses to Gifted

  1. I would love to know details on the fabrics and if possible were purchased. This design is stunning!

  2. what are the sizes of the gifts?

  3. The ones on the smaller stage ranged from about 2 ft x 2.5 to as small as a loaf of bread.
    The main stage ranged from 4ft x 4ft all the way to 2×2. The goal was different sizes and shapes for dimension.

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