Rick Franke working with Sunset Christian Center in Rocklin, California brings us this geometric goodness incorporating tons of sweet lighting fixtures.

Although this set uses a bunch of more expensive lighting effects (mostly from Elation and Acclaim Lighting), any church can learn from the great layout and use of colors. To create the squares in the back, he uses 2×2′ pieces of Coroplast attached with paint tarp clips. The other cool features are LED video panels and LED toned trusses.

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  1. what material did you use
    one problem i have is getting the right lights.

  2. This looks great, but I guess it should as I’m sure it cost a ton to produce.

    Am I the only one who finds it kind of odd that churches are dropping so much money on lighting? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome, but I’d assume there is a lot of other things that could use the money (homeless, hungry, the sick).

    Just a thought, not trying to be mean or anything.

    • Hi Averyon,

      You would have a good point if stage design was all that Sunset Christian Center or these other churches are doing. Stewardship is key for all of us. Agreed! Be Blessed my friend.

      • Very well put Rick. If lighting and stage design was the only things the churches were spending money on then there would be a large problem.

    • Averyon, We had a sign company cut our coroplast and place a grommet in each corner. We linked them together with binding clips and spent less than $200 on our whole back wall.

  3. Very nice, where did you find the clips with teeth on both sides to hpld up squares

  4. The panel with LED chip would be more interesting. Would make a better color plane.

  5. Giving your design a go at it. Unfortunately, our church is not really into the glam, (that’s another story), so I also play in a classic rock group and this design just drew me in. I was looking for backdrop ideas and there ya go. I am starting out small with about 3o – 20″x 15″ foamboard panels I got from Hobby Lobby. Small grommets at corners and using shower curtain hooks from Lowes to put them together. Will be hanging off 15′ section of truss for now and will be lit by 4 Chauvet Colorpalettes. Will see how these look and then expand from there or incorporate another idea, who knows. Will post pics from upcoming event.

  6. Great design – what is the frame supporting the corroplast squares built from?

  7. How far apart did you space the coroplast squares and did you use 2 paint tarp clips and connect them together or was you actually able to find paint tarp clips with the clips on both ends? Also with not a large budget can you use par 64 led cans to light the coroplast the way you have it set up or would it not give the same effect and what is an inexpensive led fixtures to purchase?
    Thanks for the info

  8. Hi Chris and Brian, on a budget a par 64 will work fine with a 500watt lamp (no higher, you will melt the material) The clips are zip tied together. The approximate distance between the 24″ square panels is 4 inches. Call me regarding inexpensive LEDs I know of several options and can steer you in the right direction or perhaps sell you some, since I own a production company. 209-610-1970.

  9. Hey, great design. Would you mind sharing a bit of info about those 6 rectangular light boxes on each side of the screen. (hanging down) Specifically how you’re lighting them. Thanks!

  10. I really love this design as well.
    What brand LED bricks are you using at the base of each set of panels?

  11. I love this design,been racking my brains on how to get soemething nice for my church but on a small budget.What did you use to support this structure.
    Cos we have a deep purple rug for a backdrop,i know i can cover it with black fabric but assuming was to go with this .How do i hang it or keep it from falling ,we have no strusses at the back

  12. Richard Bardwell January 14, 2019 at 10:46 am

    My name is Dewayne Bardwell and I love this design. I do not know what materials or lighting it takes to complete this look. Is there anyway you could forward the materials list and lighting to me?
    this would be a first for our church.

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