Throwback: Future Shapes

Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA brings us this epic design for their Revolution Youth Conference. (Originally posted September 2013)

The youth had thirteen old 27″ tube TVs with flat screens that were originally purchased 9 years ago as video game stations. For the past year they sat in storage collecting dust, so they decided to build a frame out of them. They went on and found three other matching ones that were anywhere from 30-40$. They built framing to hold the TVs out of 2×4’s, 4×4’s and plywood. They built a base for the bottom row to sit on and then built shelves for the columns and spanned the top with 4×4’s and plywood to support the top row. Then they boxed off the inside and painted it black.

Then they took RGB LED strips and attached them to thin pieces of 1/4″ plywood that was painted black and secured them in a criss-cross pattern across the front of the inner box.

Then they put up pieces of an old set (PVC Pipe uplit with LED Bars and work lights attached to piping) to compliment the new center structure.

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8 responses to Throwback: Future Shapes

  1. OMG! Beautiful! Fantastic vision and execution on a great idea!

  2. Awesome set up! Can I ask, how and what did you use to daisy-chain your tvs all together with the same image? Did you play video on them or just stills? (We are trying to do something similar in a month.)

  3. Thanks! Ya so we use slates and videos. We used RCA cables (just the yellow for the video signal, no red and white for audio) and went into the first tv and then all the tvs have a ‘monitor out’ plug in, so we went into one tv and then out to the next one, and we just worked our way around daisy chaining them.

  4. Tyler Pritchett October 4, 2013 at 11:37 am

    How did you clamp the lights and PVC together to the wood?

    • Well the lights and PVC were their own free standing pieces, they were standing next to the structure with the tvs but weren’t actually attached to it. The pipes that have the lights clamped to them are threaded into base plates that are secured to the ground, and on top of each of the pipes is a saddle that holds a pipe that spans across horizontally. That horizontal pipe is what the pieces of PVC pipe are hanging on. The PVC pipes were spaced evenly and then on the back we screwed a piece of 1″x2″ to the back of the PVC and at the top of those woods pieces we attached plumbers tape and hooked that onto screws in the metal horizontal piece. I know this is a long explanation, I hope it makes sense :)

  5. What kind of bulbs did you use?

  6. Old technology made new again. Great idea repurposing something that was sitting in storage. What gems do you have in your storage room?

  7. Awesome design! I was wondering if someone could explain the frame they used for the pvc fixtures. Materials/how they attached it. Thanks!

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