Frosty Folds

Prestige LED Lighting worked with Lifeplace in Brisbane, Australia to bring us this cool, frosted design.

This stage design was part of a brand new fit-out. It was a 500 seat auditorium with stadium seating.

The back stage design was created to bring versatility, color, and a clean look that would be appealing on camera and for venue hire to outside companies. The stage design was constructed using custom fabricated acrylic panels. These panels where laser cut to the pattern, and a translucent frosting was applied to the panels where the light would come through.

A structure of timber was fixed to the wall behind the stage. LED lights where then attached to the timber, and all the cabling run. The last step was to then attach the acrylic panels.

Each LED light was given its own DMX address, allowing the lighting controller to control each panel individually.

4 responses to Frosty Folds

  1. Is there any pictures of behind that acrylic? The lighting? The wood structure? This is such a cool idea that it seems a shame to not give more detail and info on it.

  2. Agree with post above.
    Some pictures of the structure from the back would be a great help.


  3. Agree, I’d love to see the infrastructure and have detail of materials!

  4. What materials did you use?

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