Framed Flat Panels

Jeremy Framstad at Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio brings us these cool corrugated metal-framed flat panel TVs.

They loved how Patrick Fore incorporated vertical displays into his set design at The Woodlands United Methodist (The Hotel). So they wanted to use that same idea, but with the corrugated metal that they had seen a lot of people using on their stages. The weight load was distributed off a truss setup that was anchored to the floor and back wall. They used five displays mounted in the middle of two corrugated metal panels. The metal and hardware was purchased at a home store. They spent about $700 in metal, miscellaneous hardware, and clamps for rigging. They had enough displays, truss, and lighting in house already to pull this off.

For their video content, they used ProPresenter’s Master control module. Their main house screens were run on an iMac that controlled a mac mini running the exact same schedule as the Master Control. The video content was scaled to the vertical displays. They were able to create some great visual content spanning their entire stage. The down side of doing it this way was that they had to cut two different versions of most of their videos to make sure that the content on the vertical displays was framed right.

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5 responses to Framed Flat Panels

  1. This stage design looks awesome. Would someone give us the details of how you were able to turn the image around on the TV Screens. I know ProPresenter has that as a feature. But perhaps there is another way.

    • Windows and Mac both give you the option to rotate 90*, 180*, etc. in the resolution settings.

    • Jeremy Framstad June 20, 2013 at 9:14 pm

      Luke is right on. It is built into most graphic settings on you PC or Mac. Just rotate your screen and make sure your presentation program matches the resolution. I have done this in ProPrenter and EasyWorship.

  2. Nice Layout

  3. How did you handle the reflective properties of metal? Was it even an issue?

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