Forward Motion

Sean King from Bethany Christian Assembly in Everett, WA brings us this set that feels like it’s moving forward.

Using inspirations of prior submitted plans, they added to the arrows, giving them as much movement as possible using lights.

The back wall was simply 4’x8′ sheets painted black.

The arrows were constructed using white hard board and air nailed in place.

They added 1″ 90 degree PVC to frame the arrows in. They had to cut 45-degree angles on the inside to help the LED to travel across the arrow and up the other side.

They had LED tape on the inside of the arrows and also on the backside of 4 of the arrows to give an after burn effect.

Using a chase sequence, they could make the arrows move and also change the emphasis on which arrow was hottest.

20150831_132338 20150831_132748 20150831_132803 20150831_132845 20150831_132849 20150831_132854

6 responses to Forward Motion

  1. Do your have the plans for your stage prop. I tried to figure out how you did it. I know you gave great instructions, however, I am lacking in understanding on how to attach the wires and LID lighting to the boards and how to attach the boards and PVC pipes together. Also. what did you use for the horizontal lines at the beginning and end of the arrows? and are they also lines with LID lights also or they light up from stage lights from off stage? How are they hung, by wire or fish line ? I am an artist who teaches free art lessons for those in our church and community. Just this month I was excepted on the creative team for stack effects and prop making. I really have lots to learn and I want to do the best I can as a team member to serve God with the best I can. I do not know if we will use this idea or not to create our own wonder piece of art, but having an idea how it is done is important. Our church, like most, are concerned with a limited budget, so that is a factor also. Thank you for any help you can give me. Shari Stogdill

  2. Trevor Hackathorn December 27, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    Do you have pictures of the construction? I’m kinda confused how you got the arrow shape/depth of the arrows.

  3. Really would like to know how these were constructed design wise. Without the original reference, I cannot follow. Please assist.

  4. Can you create for me and the cost please?

  5. Hi, are you still able to create this ?

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