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Thanks to Mike Sessler from Coast Hills Community Church for this simple, clean stage design. The FOLLOW letters were made from expanded polystyrene and were 4′ high and 4″ thick. To attach the letters to the floor they used 1×6 medium-density fiberboard spray painted black. They then screwed the letters into the bases…using small blocks wedged on the sides of the O’s to stabilize the letters.

The hanging signs were printed on white paper and mounted to Gator Board. The signs were about 42″ x 70″, were hung from the lighting truss, and were lit from the ground.

Check out the blog for more details on the design:

3 responses to Follow Me!

  1. Wow, this is so cool, I am currenlty working on a stage design for a church and I am using a large format picture similar to this. Looks nice guys!Love the sofa!

  2. Great design!! How did you cut the letters so cleanly?

  3. what did they use to cut? So that it wouldn’t leave rough edges ?

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