Falling Stars

Chris Allgood from The Ark Church in Conroe, TX brings us this stage design that’s dripping light.

In the very back they used hanging globe Christmas lights to form the back star effect (purchased from Target). They accented the warm look of the globes with blue LED Christmas lights.

The presents were 1″x1″ wood boxes they made and then covered the with Coroplast. They finished off the edges with white electrical tape and a nice bow to top them off. They added an LED wash fixture to the inside for a nice glow.

The hanging lights were clear plastic tubes use to cover fluorescent lamps. These come is 8′ and 4′ lengths. They combined them to get various lengths. Then they stuffed them with 6 strands of LED Christmas lights – white, blue, and red. That gave them the ability to have different colored looks. However, they found that even 6 strands of LED lights don’t dim. So they built a small device to pull off some power so the LED lights would dim. For $12 they were able to build several devices that allowed them to dim the LEDs.

They were inspired by several designs on the site.

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3 responses to Falling Stars

  1. can you tell me in detail how you hung the lights against the back–are they individual strands? how did you do the plug ins?

  2. we are wanting to build the falling stars but we are clueless as to how to do it. could you give us more details on the clear plastic tubes??

  3. I Am wanting to hang strands of lights from our church ceiling for a wedding. The ceiling is made of drop ceiling and cathedral style peak, and about 50 feet at the highest point. Any help would be immensely appreciated.

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