Faith in the City

Scott Spierling at New Life Community Church in Pismo Beach, California created this design for their series through scriptures looking at people who risked their lives for their faith. The set mirrored the logo for the series, based around a road sign. The set, constructed of old rusted corrugated metal was designed to depict a dark and ominous city.

To light the evening-bathed urban-decayed city, Scott used city light gobos and Source 4’s with color scrollers. Other looks were created using glass prismatic gobos and the scrollers. The scarlet chord draped on the wall was for the first message only (Rahab).

Finally, if you’re curious about their super wide screen above the stage, they had it custom made by Da-Lite.

One response to Faith in the City

  1. This is awesome! I love this design!

    I love the fact that there are so many different elements. Every part of the stage has a new thing to look at, yet everything just flows together.

    Great use of gobos! Love the corrugated metal as well!

    The crosses look kind of odd to me, though. The stained glass cross throws off the symmetry, which can be good. But to me, it hurts the design a little. That's just my opinion though. Of course it could be the wood cross that throws it off. I guess, what I'm trying to say, is the different crosses throw off the symmetry for me.I just like the wood cross more.

    The screen is amazing! I love the screen so much! Not much more I can say about that.

    And last but not least I like the color on the wall above the stage. That adds a very nice touch!

    Okay, I've talked to much! Great job on the design! It's awesome!

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