Fabric Triangles

Clayton from Brookstone Church in Weaverville, NC brings us this fabric mountains.

From Clayton: We have been playing with the ideas of mountains for a while now. It would be perfect with our location in the mountains of NC. We originally designed a more rolling hills design instead of peaks, but in the interest of ease and cost, we decided on the peaks. The frames of the mountains are made with 2×4 boards screwed together with braces sandbagged behind. Unfortunately, some of the braces showed through the fabric. To fix this, we used black gaff tape on the braces to cover them, effectively erasing them behind the fabric. Determining a material to cover the mountains was quite a challenge. We wanted something affordable so we ended up settling on a high end white fabric donated graciously by a church member. The cloth wasn’t wide enough to cover the triangle bases so multiple sheets were sewn together. We were originally worried about the seam, but the more we stretched the fabric and and stapled it to the frame, the seams began to disappear. Overall, the entire set cost us maybe a few hundred bucks and we’re extremely thrilled with how it turned out.

4 responses to Fabric Triangles

  1. How are those being lit? looks great

    • @scott daily,
      Looks like LED washes from infront/above. Although I dare say that if it was supported from behind / not free standing (without the vertical bits of wood) you could light it from behind with washes / floods or blinders & strobes

  2. Question! What type of fabric is it that you guys used? It just says “high end white fabric”. We’re thinking of doing this for our Easter set design but are unsure of what type of fabric to buy.

  3. @Jocelyn Grove,
    I will head this up that I am not a part of Brookstone Church. But it looks like a cotton fabric, If what you want to cover is small enough I’d use bed sheets otherwise I’d take a trip to a haberdashery or fabric shop. If you want more specifics I’d recommend emailing them: info@brookstonechurch.org


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