Exploding Boxes

Jeremy Framstad from Grace Community Church inĀ Fremont, Ohio brings us this unstoppable, exploding wall of boxes.

They created this was a box wall with the word Unstoppable breaking through the wall for their new series. The letters were cut out of 4″ foam and hung on a truss. Then the boxes were 2′ x 2′ and came white from the factory. They painted half of them gray, left the other half white, then stacked them up!

13 responses to Exploding Boxes

  1. very cool design!

  2. WOW! Awesome job!

  3. Out of the box! Wayyyy coool.

  4. Nice set, What were the boxes made from? I assume you hung the ones that were breaking out from the roof.

  5. Great set! It has inspired me. How did you support the boxes over the opening where you have the truss? Also, did you add any bracing or glue to secure the boxes together?

  6. Very Nice and Very Clean.

  7. Do you still have the letters for the word Unstoppable? Would you be interested in selling them? If so contact me at mkaynor@firstwes.org. Thanks!

  8. Love this look. How did you support the boxes on top of each other?

  9. Love this look. How did you support the boxes on top of each other?

  10. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this idea. We shared this design with our church as well, in a smaller scale.

  11. I love this design. Using gray and white then staggering the boxes is a really great idea. Simple but plenty to look at. The 3D effect created by the foam letters and the boxes suspended in an exploding manner is what I like most. Excellent!

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