Travis Carpenter from Northview Church in Carmel, IN brings us this epic Garden of Eden on their stage.

They contracted a local company that rents out plants and other decorations for events. Using a variety of plants ranging in size from 15′ to 2′, they created a backdrop on their stage that in some spots enveloped the band. By renting the plants, they were able to save a lot of cash when compared to the cost of buying that many plants outright.

In addition to the plants on stage they used a few other tactics to create an environment that helped sell not only the look, but also the sound.

For starters, they used their 30′ tall by 80′ wide video wall at the rear of their stage to extend the look off the back of the stage. To do this effectively, it was incredibly important to use graphics that were scaled correctly. Anything too large or too small destroys the illusion.
They also kept their house lights darker than normal. Just enough light so everyone could see their seats, but dark enough that it felt like you were in a dimly light, tree covered area.

Their room was also outfitted with side fill speakers, that they essentially used as surround sound speakers. They used some ambient noises (which included small birds and trees blowing in the wind) and sent those tracks through their side fills. This sold the intended effect so well that they had a guest tell their ushers that there were birds stuck inside our building!

Using a small army of LED bars and small LED pucks, they creatively up lit the plants, as well as lighting large groups internally. They had several people comment that what they had managed to create was a sort of “Disney-like” environment.

The whole creative team was behind the concept, Travis was only in charge of executing and lighting it.

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32 responses to Eden

  1. Myrna Garrastegui March 18, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Fantastic idea – very creative!!!

  2. This is incredible! Great job to the entire creative team! By chance do you guys still have your back screen images? I’d love to show them to our Pastor to give him some creative ideas, thanks!

  3. Astounding.

  4. WOW. That looks awesome. Nice work.

  5. What CAN’T you do with a 30X80 vid wall!?…

  6. Absolutely love this.

  7. What the bloody hell?

    I bet thousands of people found Jesus thru this.


    • Hi CSDI readers!
      Unfortunately, internet trolls come in secular AND “christian” versions. This fellow is one of those. Let’s ignore this comment and choose not to return evil for evil. Because that’s what this is. It’s evil to take God off the throne and judge men’s hearts for yourself.
      Let’s let God be our defender. He sees our hearts.

  8. This is great!!! Absolutely stunning! However the guy with the yellow and grey sweater needs to be told not to wear that again. haha…just kidding, having some fun there. Again love the set.

  9. Charlotte Huntley April 4, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    This is spectacular!

  10. Awesome! I would also be interested in seeing your back wall images or videos! And how do you project on the wall, several projectors? Thanks! (kirsten at gtvictoria.com)

    • Kirsten,

      The screen is rear projected with two Christie Roadster S+16k projectors, and the content is fed via a Coolux Pandora’s Box video server. Pandora’s Box handles blending the two projectors down the middle and warping the image to fit the screen correctly.

  11. Great job! Looks awesome. I too would be interested in knowing what projectors you use. Also, if I could get your backgrounds that would be appreciated. (vaughnvs@victoryhighway.com)

  12. My jaw dropped when I saw this! This is really awesome.

    I would llove to have those backdrop files too. Our Senior Pastor in the church will be celebrating their Golden Wedding anniver this July and we are needing a backdrop like this (garden ). My e-mail add is gigibanez@gmail.com.

    Thank you very much for the help. God bless you more.

  13. This is truly AMAZING!!!!!

  14. Will you please send me the backgrounds and where or how you got or made the trees and scenes. Also, what lighting you used and any associated files that might be helpful. Thanks…

    Jeremy jeremy@corrytonchurch.com

  15. Hey guys, great job with this! Looks awesome, is there any way it could get the backgrounds? You could send them to aaroncole@myfaithfamily.com if you don’t mind. Thanks so much!

  16. What is your screen made out of? I’m trying to find a 10′ x 30′ rear projection

  17. Its really a stunning piece, love to have the full info on the design too, email:ebiville@live.com thanks

  18. Is there any way to get the background images. They can be sent to actsofpraisebvi@gmail.com.

  19. Stunning. Have always wondered how they do that. Seeing this makes you realise how visual creativity is very important in church.
    Could I have the backdrops and design info?
    Would love to support a friend just starting a new Church and would really be a great idea. boyzscout@icloud.com and thank you.

  20. Hello this looks amazing! Can I have the images for the backdrop? Would really appreciate it. Sheriesem2000@yahoo.com

  21. Love this! It would be perfect for our upcoming conference theme ‘The Garden Effect’.
    Would I be able to use those background for environmental projection? dvaughn@neighborhood.cc

  22. MaryJane Lines June 28, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Love, Love, Love this design! It would be amazing for our upcoming event. Would you still be willing to share the backdrop images? Thank you so much!

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