Dots on Wood

Davis Jones from LifeBridge Church in Madison, MS brings us this pallet wall with a cool dot logo floating on top.

They were inspired by so many pallet designs on the site. They knew their situation was different though because they have a piece of red steel directly through the back center. They also wanted their logo in the set.

The 3 larger walls were built on 16″ center studs. The 2 side walls were a piece of 2′ by 8′ plywood with the pallets nailed into them. It took them roughly 40 pallets to complete the job. The logo was made out of cypress, and was 8″ away from the wall.

Their back wall was lit by 4 Chauvet Colorpalletes. The rest of the stage was lit with Chauvet Colorado 1IP.

**The gas cans on the stage were a visual from their current sermon series.

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8 responses to Dots on Wood

  1. Adam Carmichael June 26, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    looks awesome! feels really tight with well places logo dots.

  2. Wow. I’m a fan of all the pallet walls but this one has so much character! Looks like it was probably a meticulous build but it came out incredible!

  3. You can never go wrong with using natural materials like wood.

  4. How wide are each of the walls? We are getting ready to do the same thing at our church.

  5. How many floor lights did you use to light the wall? Thank you.

    • Jimmy,
      Sorry I’m just now seeing this comment. The two back walls are about 13′ wide and the wall behind the drums is about 8′ wide. The wall in front of the drums overlaps the back walls a bit.

      We used 4 colorpalletes to light the back wall.

  6. Collin McKnight January 17, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Im looking at redesigning our youth room. What was the process like with that wall? How much time and money was put into something like this?
    Thanks… Looks Great!

    • We setup a frame behind the wall like you’d frame a house. 12″ centers across all sections of wall. It took us two full days with a crew of 4 guys. The majority of the 2nd day was spent putting up the floating logo.

      As far as cost goes, we were able to get the pallets from local business owners who didn’t need them anymore, so the pallets were free. The small amount of cost for us was the stud setup behind the wall.

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