Do Not Pass Go

CJ Walters from Revive in Williamstown, KY brings us this stage design for their series “Games We Play”.

The entire set was based on board games, cards, etc. They ended up using several different games: Monopoly, Mouse trap, Sorry, Yahtzee and put their spin on all of them. Usually when they do a set, they pick a focal point or two to center everything around. For this set, though, there was no certain focal point.

They had little to no budget for this build, and they ended up spending a little less than $7 on some spray paint and a laundry basket. The materials they used were mostly things they had left over from previous builds.

The Monopoly properties were built out of a white board they had at the church and they simply projected their image on them to paint. A shelf was built behind the cards so they could put houses, hotels and game pieces on them. The games pieces were just actual items; shoe, hat, iron. They used a 55 gal drum for a Yahtzee barrel and added 6 inch paper die to make it look as if they were coming out of the barrel. The mouse trap pieces were an actual bath tub they got for free from a reuse center because the inside was cracked, some old antenna towers (truss-like) they had that they painted red and some skids. There was more painting done on this set than they usually do. Not as much actual building, but a lot of paint and let dry.

They painted the back walls white and taped off squares and painted different colors to give it that game board look.

IMG_0964 IMG_0968 IMG_0970 IMG_0972 IMG_0973 IMG_0982 IMG_0984 IMG_0990 IMG_0992 IMG_0996

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