DIY Projection Screens

Ken Erickson from Brownsville Community Fellowship Church in Brownsville, Texas brings us these great DIY projection screens for around $340/screen.

They had a fire in November, 2010, spent 5 months in a tent in the parking lot, and 5 months in the food court of an old mall. They finally got back in their building, but they didn’t have much money to spend on screens (had already bought the projectors). So they improvised.

They bought 18′ X 9′ screen material on Ebay for $60 each. Then they bought black pipe, paint, grommets, rope, and other materials at a builder’s store. They build their own frames and connected the screens to the frames using rope. Each frame (20′ X 10′) cost under $280. Wow!

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  1. These are great!!! I’d add one minor tweak. The black border helps you eye with contrast, so I’d reinforce where the grommets are with some black vinyl. This is a MUCH better idea than the DIY with bed sheets or lycra ideas I’ve read elsewhere.


  2. Can you share some info on the setup? What size are the screens? What are the measurements of the screens and the resolution/type of projector? Is that frame built out of PVC? Thanks!

    • Brandon, thanks for asking. We have Eiki projectors, and the resolution is better than 720, but they aren’t 1080. They still look pretty sharp. They were about $3000 apiece.

      The screen material is 9′ X 18′. It appeared as if it comes on a large roll 9′ wide and rolled off the amount we wanted, as they were obviously cut with scissors on the ends and not quite the same length.

      If I remember right we used 3/4″ black pipe. PVC would never be stiff enough to support the screens without bowing a lot. We used 10′ sections on the ends and middle supports, and 3 6′ lengths across the top and bottom. The T connectors at the top are connected to 8″ lengths of pipe that go horizontally back, then connected to an elbow to the 10′ center vertical supports. This gave us something to hang the frames from, and made the supports far enough behind the screens as to not touch them.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more. I can draw up some plans if you want.

  3. That looks like a pretty good solution. Our student ministry got material (blackout cloth) from, and built a wood frame to stretch it across (like canvas over a frame) and it turned out fantastic! 22 feet W by 13.75 feet H, finished for under $225.

  4. I have been unable to find the material on ebay. Can you provide the link to the $60 material you purchased.


  5. Amazing. We follow ever update. we are seeking affordable stage and screen ideas.

  6. Hi. I love the idea behind this design. Just curious, did you used to have one projector in the middle of the stage? If so, how has the transition gone from looking at the stage to the sides of the stage? Have you noticed that at all? Has this been a problem at all?


  7. Hola que tal, le hablo desde Argentina – Viedma , mi pregunta es que quiero realizar una pantalla para un proyector ,y necesitaria saber las medidas de las maderas en Metros, y que tipo de tela tengo que utilizar con el fieltro negro. Tambien que tipo de Resolucion Usar y con que tipo de proyector emplear. Desde ya muchas Gracias y esta muy buena esa pagina de Ideas para Multimedia!!! MUCHAS BENDICIONES!!! DIOS LOS BENDIGA!!!

  8. This is a great article with lots of options, including the killer thread at avsforum,com that’s a must read for anyone considering painting a screen:

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