Dinosize Your Stage

Looking to put a giant, wooden dinosaur skeleton on your stage or in your kids’ room? Probably not…but maybe you should. Check out these awesome options you have for throwing a gigantic dinosaur skeleton on your stage. Could be a perfect option for a series on Creation vs. Evolution.These are some resources for getting your own giant dinosaur.

2 responses to Dinosize Your Stage

  1. Someone is still having a discussion of creation versus evolution?


    Time to join the 20th century – if not the 21st!

    • There was this newly elected pastor of a seriously old school church…and as he enters the pulpit for the first time, all the elders and deacons are lined up behind him on the stage in a show of support for the new pastor. He says, “With the help of God and the church leadership standing before you, I look forward to leading this congregation into the 20th century”….on of the elders steps up behind him and says, “I think you mean the 21st century.” The new pastor says, “we’ll take it once century at a time….”!)

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