Diamonds–A Stage’s Best Friend

This design comes to us from John Stevens at Florida Bible Church in Miramar, Florida.

They used coroplast with colored vinyl cut into squares and suspended with fish line. They lit them up with six Chauvet Colorado 2’s. They added a shape of stretched spandex behind the drums. The drum beauty was accomplished with three standard 3×6 stage risers with black Coroplast and 8 LED tubes zipped to the front.

The rest of the lighting was miscellaneous Martin lighting.

2 responses to Diamonds–A Stage’s Best Friend

  1. Cool design! Would love to see some more detailed pics each element. It's hard to see how it was all made from these pics.

  2. i have a few more pics i could email to you. Basicly we cut squares out of coroplast or a hard plastic and then gromited each angle and fish lined eac diamond to the other. The we attached them to truss and side lit them with parcans. It was a really easy set!

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