Diamond Projection

Danny Isom and Kyle Hogan from Hill Country Bible Church | Austin in Austin, TX brings us this really cool triple wide, diamond masked projection stage design.

They were bored with the same triple-wide look, so they decided to shake it up a little by using a diamond based look for the projection. They built a frame on stage using 2x4s and placing them each 2ft apart. Then they mapped out a rough look on a whiteboard using different sized squares and rectangles. Taking the rough design, they checked Hobby Lobby for canvases matching the look and size of the space. The total cost for the project was < $600. The largest canvas 4’x4′ was centered and then they used a 2’x4′ for spacing to add the other canvases around it. Each canvas was attached to their frame using a finishing nail gun. Again, they used 3 Hitachi CP-A352WN projectors edge blended and ProPresenter to mask out the bleed from the projection.

20150215-5D3_6503 IMG_3607 IMG_3609 IMG_3629 Mask

12 responses to Diamond Projection

  1. Nice idea.

    My church also got a similar stage like you but we only have a black background. we were planning to have a live background like you, where do you guys put the 3 projectors?

  2. Yusak – the projectors are on the floor about 3ft in front of the screens. If you take a look at the video above you can see them.

  3. Great look guys! Curious…what projectors are you using for your top 3 main screens? Very nice color and brightness.

    • Brady – the IMAG screens are 10K DP Titans and the center screen is a 12K Barco RLM-W12. For reference, all 3 are front projected, sides are 18ft wide and center in 26ft wide.

  4. I see the projectors, but what kind are they? Also what program did you use for masking?

  5. nevermind, i read the intro =/

  6. What software was used for edge blending? We are trying to use PVP 2 but are not having much luck. Any pointers?

    • We used ProPresenter for edge blending and the built in grid pattern to line it all up. It took two of us and we never got it exactly perfect (some issues with unlevel carpet and fisheye from the projectors) but with the negative space between the projected surface no one could really tell except us.

  7. Hi Danny God Bless you for posting this great Design, our church is trying to do something similar but I was wondering if you can tell me how you connected the projectors to each other and do you have to use TripleHead2Go or you Just loop them? can you please explain how you setup your projectors please? God Bless?

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