Cut Out

Kevin Smith from Faith Assembly of God in Winterville, NC brings us this fun kidmin stage design.

Each week they lit up a different word in the puzzle based on their Bible point. Then at the end of the series when they lit up all the individual words from the series in the puzzle, they spelled LOVE.

They used five sheets of 4’x8′ foam insulation from Lowes and painted them green. They connected the 5 sheets in the back using wood strips and velcro. They hung the sheets by wrapping wire around the wood strips in the back to the grid in the ceiling. After the green background dried, they painted the letters for the word puzzle with black paint using stencil cutouts.

For each week of the series, they cut out the letters for the particular word they were talking about using a razor blade.

To create the light effect they put a white sheet behind the foam and then put light behind the white sheets.

5 responses to Cut Out

  1. That looks awesome! I miss that foam insulation. You can’t get it here in central Florida… But in Missouri I went through that stuff like mad.

  2. Hey,
    That’s awesome. I love this site and it is extremely helpful! Great job. I posted about your blog here:

  3. That looks really cool :)
    We use styrofoam too, and if that is something that you guys use a lot, rather than using a razor blade, if you go to a craft store, they have foam cutters (usually in the floral section), its a small handheld tool with a heated wire that cuts foam very easily :)
    or you can check online at

  4. I’m in the St. Louis area, and was wondering if anybody knew of a place I could get foam board this size…cheap!?

  5. Any big box store like Lowes or Home Depot. Anyplace that sells lots of stuff to fix up your home. It is used in housing insulation and comes in different thicknesses. It is very inexpensive and comes in 4×8 sheets. It is great stuff to build stage sets with! If I remember correctly, it is about $12.00 a sheet.

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