Crowned Screen

Jason Mertz from Cornerstone Christian Church in Shiloh, Illinois brings us this crown blocking their screen.

To create this giant crown, they took dollar store pool noodles and wove them together. They connected each end with duct tape and added paper thorns (that were formed into cones). They painted it all red, then hung it from four points in front of their screen. This provided an angle and a nice silhouette of the cross when it was backlit.

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3 responses to Crowned Screen

  1. That’s cool (it really is!) – but I’m curious what you did with the long table down the middle? Was that communion? Was it used for other things as well?

    • The long tables were just for our Good Friday services. We used it for communion. We had other long tables running down the side aisles as well. We had everyone leave their seats and gather around the tables “family style” for communion.

  2. great setup, question How are your projectors connected to the computer ?? what kind of cables or signal amplifiers?? thank you

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