Cross, Crown, Tomb

Joey Nicholson/Beth Regans/Faye Speck from First Baptist Church of Indian Trail in Indian Trail, NC brings us this Easter design.

This Easter stage design consisted of 3 main elements: the cross, the crown, and the tomb.

The crown was formed with pool noodles and duct tape. The base of the crown was made by weaving noodles around one another and into a circle with each noodle being taped to each other at the ends. The thorns were made using thick craft paper that was formed into points. The crown was then spray painted brown.

The tomb was built using a Christmas manger that was then covered with large foam pieces. More foam pieces extended from the sides of the manger to make the tomb larger and longer. The entire exterior was then covered with craft paper using tape that had been painted and texturized to create a rock look. The craft paper was adjusted once placed over the foam.

The base of the cross was covered with the same rock-paper that was used on the tomb, then easter lilies were placed around it.

The drapes next to the crown were placed from the electric pipes.

easter easter2 easter3 easter4 easter5 easter6 easter7 easter8

2 responses to Cross, Crown, Tomb

  1. I was wondering if you could explain more about the “ROCK PAPER” I have see similar things done with paper mache. But i am not seeing the texturing and paper in my mind.

    • Hi I did something similar for an Easter Play before. I used a very large roll of craft paper, it wat 10 feet by 40 feet, that I got from I sprayed it with 3 different colors of paint to get shading and then when dried I crumpled it up to get the wrinkles in the paper then laid it over my form as they did and bunched it up here and there to get the rocks in my wall used staples to hold in place. When lights are low it looks great.

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