Cross Canvas

Joey Santos from Mount Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana brings us this projection surface built to look like the cross.

This Easter stage designed was based on 2 projection areas—the large screen (center wall) and a large cross. During baptisms, testimonies were projected inside the cross.

The Large Cross Projection Screen

They built a 16’x12’x3’ cross covered with seamless front/rear projection fabric from Rose Brand, to be used as a projection surface. They rented a 7,000 lumen projector from their longtime friends at Orange Thread Media (Nashville, TN). For content delivery, they chose ProVideoPlayer2 (by Renewed Vision).

Side Crosses

Two side crosses were made out of wood and back lit with LED strips (bought from for $24.00 each – DMX and remote control included)

They already owned a good number of lighting instruments, but on special weekend services they rent some special lighting they don’t own (yet). They rented:
– 12 LED Pro Color Cannon Mega-lite 30 degree floor lights
– 8 LED Movers – MAC 101
– 1 MDG Atmosphere Hazer

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2 responses to Cross Canvas

  1. Great colors mixing,right ?

  2. Do you have a link to the LED strips?

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