Cracked Wood

Zach Meade from North Church in Spokane, WA brings us this cool, unique stage backdrop.

This design was built by cutting out OSB particle board into shapes and bracing the pieces from behind with 2x4s and then laying wood flooring on top of the OSB shapes. Each piece was backlit with LED tape all around the back edges. The shapes were then hung on the back wall off of 4X4 blocks with brackets holding them together and keeping them about 7″ off the wall. The center shapes were framed in with wood i-beams that were spray painted with metal spray paint.

They put large bolts at the end of each i-beam just for looks. The beams ended up looking like metal beams but were a fraction of the weight, so they attached them together with brackets from behind and then hung the frame from their grid. The shapes under the screens were backed with Coroplast and just standing on the stage.

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13 responses to Cracked Wood

  1. Zach,

    Your team is outstanding! This looks stellar. I love the depth. The offset with these pieces could easily make for a futurist feel too, with a little bit of different skinning. Amazing job!! Way to serve the kingdom above and beyond the norm!


  2. Hey this is awesome!

    Couple of questions:
    1. So how did you affix the parts in the center piece to the back wall? I see those bars in the one picture that looks like what you would nail or screw the particle board to but not 100%. How did you do it?
    2. Is their coroplast behind the center piece or did the LED tape just reflect enough off of the black wall behind it?

    • 1. We used 6 in lag bolts and mounted 4×4 blocks to studs in the wall. Then used structural L brackets mounted to the shapes and rested them on the 4×4 blocks with 2″ lag screws. Shoot me an email and I can send you a pic…. zach @ lifecenternorth .org

      2. We took down our center black curtain and painted our back wall gray so that the light would be absorbed well.

      Thanks for your interest Chris!!

  3. love this!

  4. Super cool looking!

    Where did you get the laminate flooring?

  5. How much did this project cost? I’m interested in doing a similar design and would like to start budgeting.

    • Hey Tyrell! This design cost will fluctuate depending on the type/price/amount of flooring you choose. We bought some really premium flooring at about $5 a square foot to cover about 300 square feet, totaling about $1500. The remaining wood/paint/led-strip lighting/hardware costs totaled to about $1200. So our total cost was about $2700. If you can find a better deal on flooring and depending on the size of your design it could be substantially less. Hope this helps.

  6. Is there any way you could post a link to the LED tape you used?

  7. Question on the led how many links did You use and remotes and how did u hide the wiring?

  8. Randy D Mosier July 18, 2019 at 8:39 am

    Wondering how many power supplies were required for this project with the LED lights you purchased from Amazon. I am looking at purchasing this and doing a smaller version for my youth room. How many strings can you run on a single power supply. I am not currently seeing this on the Amazon site.

    Thanks Randy

    PS Awesome set up. Inspiring me to do greater things at my location.

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