Contained Dots

Preston Holland from Rock Point Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee brings us this awesome light set.

From Preston: We are a partner church of North Point Ministries and the set that they did wasn’t doable for us, so we decided to build our own. We have a great production culture at our church. Because of our lack of chain-motors this set took us a full week to put in but with motors it would have only taken a few days. The infrastructure is almost all unistrut and we were able to use unistrut and rigging that we already owned to create this set. We were inspired by the tour rig from the 1975 from 2016-2017 with the 3 squares up high and then went from there.

We are a stream-church so we already had a center screen projector in place, so we built a DIY projector screen to catch part of that center screen projector for the 2 strip lyrics that mimics the Alpha Key that goes over our IMAG on the outside screens. We use the Master-Slave module on Pro Presenter and have 2x outputs running in to our BMD 2 M/e switcher. The Screen is 176 inches by 30 inches and cost under $200 to make. Instructions on DIY projector screens and material from

Fixture List:
12x Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot
6x Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash
7x Elation Cuepix in 76 Channel Mode
64x Chauvet Epix Strip 2.0

Hardware for Epix Strip Squares:
-14 Gague Slotted Strut: 1 x 10ft section per 3 sides of an epix stick box. $17.87
We had 7 boxes, so we had a total of 10 sticks of unistrut ($178.70)
-3 Hole Flat Unistrut Corner or 5 Hole Corner Gusset: x4 per box (We used 3 hole unistrut flat brackets but they have some give, makes squaring up hard) 5 Hole: $7.82 per 3 Hole: $1.79. We had 28, so it was about $50 in corner brackets
– Superstrut nuts and bolts (12 per box) $1.21 per bolt. There are cheaper options at the same size
– Cheesboroughs for mounting epic strips to the pipe grid supported from the ground.

Cable List:

All the Epix Strip 2.0s are driven via cat5e from a drive box located backstage. All lighting fixtures are DMX 3 pin.

Overall, this set design with all the hardware came out under $1000, but we also already had the lighting infrastructure as far as moving fixtures goes in place.

4 responses to Contained Dots

  1. Hi Preston,
    What kind of blinders are those intermixed with the Epix Strips and are you also controlling them via DMX/Art-Net or are the incandescent on dimmers?

  2. Preston Holland March 30, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    They are elation cuepix run in 76 channel DMX mode

  3. How did you guys run the Epix Strips? Through your console or did you use a separate software?

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