Bradley Taylor from That.Church in Sherwood, Arkansas brings us this awesome I Beam on their stage. (Hint: It is fake.)

Their goal for this design was to create a set that could change over time and would represent the forward momentum of their church. After working through many ideas, they created this.

3 10′ sections of foam I beams
10 sections of scaffolding
4 plastic paint drops

They used three 10′ prefabricated foam I Beam’s that were painted to look like steel. They put these pieces together to create a 30′ beam that could also be disconnected to create different looks when needed. The I Beam served as the foreground to this design and primary focus. To create a background that had dimension and texture, they used scaffolding with paint tarps and lit them from different angles to create more texture and interest.

3 responses to Constructed

  1. What are you guys using to drop hang your movers?

    • I created a custom tail down with schedule 40 pipe, welded a “T” on the end and then used cheeseboroughs to hang them and chain as a safety.

  2. where did you get the foam I beams? Sweet idea!

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