Throwback: Coliseum Stage Design

Jeff Boadway from Springvale in Stouffville, Canada brings us this coliseum stage design. (Originally posted June 2011)

The entire design was designed completely from styrofoam (except for the pillars) for their Easter weekend. The set was lit via LED’s from above and a fiberoptic star curtain behind the set.

They had the pillars donated a few years ago by the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the star curtain was purchased from one of their Christmas exhibits. Because of the donations, the entire build was done for just under $500.

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  1. This just looks AMAZING! I love it!

    • Thanks man. Simple build, but looks great once the LED’s hit the styrofoam. Cheap and effective for a growing church!

  2. How did you make the pillars? The capitals look amazing. Actually, all of it looks amazing!

    • The pillars were actually donated to them. I know you can buy prop pillars from scenic design companies…probably the same that were donated.

  3. Awesome. Excellent. Godly talent at work. God bless you and everyone who profits from this.

  4. Ya, thanks to come contacts within the church, the pillars were donated and the star curtain was purchased at a reduced price. 6 of the 8 pillars are made out of fiberglass- much easier to handle and set up in your design. 2 were made of solid plaster, with the cap and the base separate. We needed our skyjack to get those 2 in place.
    Glad you enjoy! This as my first attempt at a styro-build, and I highly recommend getting creative with it! Styro really holds the light well, and with a sharp knife you have a cheap and easy design method.

  5. Looks great! Where did you purchase the curtain lights?

    • We had borrowed them from the Art Gallery of Ontario for a weekend Christmas Production, and once we cleared them down and put them in storage for return, we put an offer in to purchase them. The AGO accepted, and we remounted them for every-week usage!

  6. This is very creative. Fantastic Job. Describe how you made the Styrofoam wall.

    • We just built out steps from 2×2 frames and then cut styrofoam sheets (2’x8′) to length and glued them on. Then we added paint strips to look like brick creases, and away you go!

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