Circles of Love

Glendale Matias from Oasis Church in Los Angeles, California brings us these various paper-inspired women’s event elements.

The theme for their conference was paper. They choose to use the material that was readily available to them (Recycled paper, cardboard) and make elements to decorate the conference with. They had 4 large areas that they were tasked (Stage, Green room, Resource (Store) area and outside gathering spaces) using the recycled paper theme.

For the stage, they constructed the word LOVE and skinned it with corrugated cardboard. The structure was built out of wood using chipboard and 1×3 wood strips. They cut two letter shapes to build one letter, then ‘extrude’ the shapes with the 1×3 wood strips. they later skinned it with corrugated cardboard from past projects. Each letter was 4×4 feet.

Green Room:
This area they made paper strip hearts and hung vertical garland. Took the conference theme colors and integrated this within the centerpiece decor. They built this space up entirely using fold up table and chairs, pipe and drape and some interior layout design.

Tube Wall (Outside Space)
They were fortunate to find a vendor who donated several hundred tubes. They cut the tubes in 24″ sections and assembled them together with bolts. They tested a bunch of different patterns and found a pattern that worked engineering-wise with the different sized tubes (6″, 8″, 12″, 24″). Once assembled, they painted the inside the colors of the conference. Tube walls were approx. 4×8 feet.

Photography © Mat Fretschel (

building_01 building_02 centerpiece_01 centerpiece_02 centerpiece_03 green_01 green_02 green_03 green_04 green_05 love_01 love_02 love_03 love_05 noid-centerpiece_04 noid-flat_01 noid-green_06 noid-love_04 noid-tube_03 noid-tube_05 origami_01 store_01 store_02 tube_01 tube_02 tube_04 tube_06

7 responses to Circles of Love

  1. Geoff McLarty May 15, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Those letters are awesome! Great job guys!

  2. WOW! I love this. Very creative and a great use of inexpensive materials.

    What type of company donated the tubes and how many did you use for this design?

    This is really cool. I’m going to give it a try. Thany you very much for sharing. May the Lord Bless you!

  3. Great Job… Be proud of this one!

  4. This is awesome stuff. Keep it up

  5. please was it painted after covering or just the lighening effect that changed it all?

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