Church Plant…More Like Church Tree

James Howe from a church plant of 180 people in Cynthiana, Kentucky created this design on a budget of $30.Journey Church needed a giant tree in the middle of their church and created it with $12 worth of green paper and $18 worth of brown paper roll.

Creativity is free. Paper is cheap. Now go make your own trees.

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  1. It was a fun project and many hands worked together as a team making this tree. Being on the stage design team that helped, we used black and brown spray paint on the limbs and trunk to make look like bark. Someone cut out the leafs at a local elementary school using there dye cut machine. And there are two stove boxes inside the trunk to help keep its shape. The limbs were screwed into the drop ceiling tiles. And a tire swing added character and also had our sermon series theme. After the series was over, the tree was donated to a member of our church who is a teacher and she put it in her classroom! Thanks for posting our pictures, we really appreciate it alot and appreciate your website! Blessings, Krista

  2. Seems like a fire hazard, and I doubt that sort of stage dressing would get past the eye of a member of my church who happens to be an inspector for the local fire dept. Was any fire retardant used?

    • I was talking to some folks from Church Solutions Group (they do stage designs)…and they did a design using paper. I asked about fire issues and they told me since it was a temporary fixture it wasn't a problem. I'm not sure that's the case or not…but they seemed to think so.

  3. I am actually looking at making a tree similarly for our childrens' department. Just curious what type of paper did you use?

    • Yeah larry…we used school paper that you get in the big rolls. You can order them from a paper distributor. It cost about 30$ for the roll and we only used about half. The insides of the tree is made out of two big refrigerator boxes. We picked those up at a rent a center place. We also used a dye cut machine to make all the leaves.

  4. How did you make and mount the branches? Anything special for the attaching the leaves?

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