Centered Ornament

Laurah Sims from Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN brings us this Christmas stage design.

They used the idea from “Dangling Hope” for the ornament hanging in front of their baptistry. They made the ornament out of 2″styrofoam and painted it red.

Then they cut out the filigree and nativity out of thinner styrofoam by using a hot knife and glittered it. They used gold glitter for the filigree and silver for the nativity so the nativity would stand out.

They used red material from last year’s set and pulled them back like curtains. They also used the idea from “Glo” for the windows. They made them out of 2×4’s that they painted black and then crinkled screen and stapled it to the back of the 2×4’s. They were lit with LED lights.

For the front of the stage, on the floor, they wrapped empty boxes and filled them with tissue paper. Then they  cut out words from styrofoam and used dowel rods to make them ‘float’ out of the boxes. They used words that they felt people were looking for at Christmas time – grace, peace, joy, love, hope… Jesus. They made a cross out of fence board and placed it in the center box as the ultimate gift.

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2 responses to Centered Ornament

  1. Laurah, Can you tell me where you got the art work for the design? I would love to
    do this. Joyce

  2. i love this, your guys so good…me too want to learn please.
    Thanks so much for sharing this….
    God bless!

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