Ceiling Walls

Jonathan Decker from Journey Church in Phoenixville, PA brings us their great use of creative ceiling tiles.

They currently meet in a theater, so they’re portable.

For the panels lining the back of the stage on the screen, they used drop ceiling panels from Mio Culture. They made five 6’x4′ sections. They were all lit with Chauvet Colorrails. The lights facing out horizontally were four American DJ Megatribars, and on the corner posts were two Blizzard Flurry Washes each. To wash the walls red they used two Northstar Intelligent washes.

The TV’s were 40″ Sanyo’s. The screen was courtesy of the Colonial Theatre.

Approximate series cost:
Light posts were made with 3/4″ or 1″ OD black galvanized piping; about $20-25 per 8′ section.
The Mio Culture panels were $98 for a 24 pack, so they spent $196.
The drop ceiling framing cost approximately $100.

12 responses to Ceiling Walls

  1. Great set Jonathan! You guys are doing great stuff over there!

  2. did you frame it with normal drop ceiling framing pieces? What kind of supports are keeping the wall vertical? Looks great.

  3. Thanks Adam! You are too, watched your announcement with BranchCreek, that’s awesome!

    Ryland- We did frame it with normal drop ceiling framing, and we screw it into the stage every week and rest the center sections against the screen supports, and the side sections rest against the walls. Thanks!

  4. Love the set Jonathan! Was wondering where you purchased your tile frame from? And was it a time consuming process to piece it together?


  5. Thanks Taylor. The frame that the tiling is in is drop ceiling framing from Home Depot. The process of making the frames took about 2-3 hours total and just involved tin snips and a drill.

  6. Jonathan Decker is the man…

  7. Forgive my newbie question, but did you mount the framing to something? Or did you someone encapsulate the tiles with the framing and that’s all you move?

  8. Just wanted to provide an update: I made this backdrop using half of the materials (smaller stage and less budget) and ended with a 10 foot section and 2 6-foot sections.

    I purchased 6 x 12ft drop ceiling frames, used some 4ft pieces we had sitting around, and used the extras from the 12s and cut 4s to make the 2ft cross sections.

    I was concerned with how to keep it together (as mentioned in comments above) but once everything is together it stays pretty tight.

    I used zip ties to keep all the framework together and outside of a few taped down corners, the tiles stay in place. They will stay up well just by leaning them on things (chairs, stools, etc) and can transport as is.

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