What’s your church doing for an Easter stage design? Might we suggest Mod Scenes? They’re inexpensive, pre-cut Coroplast panels that link together easily to create a great, textured backdrop. In order to cover an almost 4′ x 4′ space, it’s only $90. You can use them to cover the whole backdrop or turn them into unique stage design elements. Your choice.

Check out a couple of designs on the site that use the material:

Also, turnaround is ridiculously quick. Order them and get them within six days. That’s unheard of! Check them out and see if they’re right for your Easter services this year.


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I remember looking for stock photos when I worked at a church. There were times I had to tilt my screen away from my office door for fear of what unexpected results would show up. Somehow something as innocuous as “man in field” would yield the most scandalous results.

I wish Lightstock had been available back then. They’re a super-legit source for faith-based stock photos, vectors, and video footage. It’s the perfect source for visuals themed as: Continue Reading…

Download this Free Social Media Pack

Jonathan (creator of CSDI) and Joe Cavazos just launched a new resource for the church. It’s called NuSupply.co. Quite simply, it’s assets for designers who design for the church. Vector files, logos, social media template PSDs, sermon series graphics, and more.

Each month, there’s also a new freebie from the site. Signup below to get instant access to March’s social media template pack. It has all the PSDs so you can customize the graphics for your own services.

Here are the most visited stage designs for the month of February 2017. Just want to say another big thank you to all the stage designers who submit their stuff for us to see.

  1. Burning Boards – 6,916 views
    Matt Holcomb from The Door Fellowship in Williamsport, PA
  2. Air Filtered – 5,107 views
    Benjamin Davis from dv8 Youth Ministries in Crowley, TX
  3. Stage Origami – 3,455 views
    Aníbal Ramírez, Rafael Ortíz, José Milán, Ricardo Santiago and Emilio Cuadrado from Casa de Adoración Jabes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico
  4. LED by the Spirit – 3,432 views (new to the list)
    Cypress Church in Galloway, Ohio
  5. Patterns in the Yarn – 3,106 views
    Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps
  6. Thin Lines – 2,771 views
    Brian Black from The Fellowship Round Rock in Texas
  7. 3D Pyramids – 2,619 views
    Bryan Copperthite from Grace Community Church in Fulton, MD
  8. Clean Plates and Leftovers – 2,619
    Porter Cyr from Real Life Church in Myrtle Beach, SC
  9. Particles of Christmas – 2,527 views
    Ben Wysong from LifePointe Christian Church in Elk Grove, CA
  10. Homemade Baptisms – 2,238 views
    The team from Crossroads Fellowship Church in Berea, Kentucky

Great job, stage designers!

Portable, Versatile Staging

We talk tons about stage design elements here on Church Stage Design Ideas, but not a whole lot about the physical stage. Frankly, it’s because stages need to be fairly secure. The structures need to be strong, and in many church cases, they need to be portable. That’s not an easy task.

But to open the conversation a bit, I wanted to introduce one of our sponsors, Staging Concepts, to you. They’re all about the actual stage, and they’re all about portable. Here are a few of the things they focus on:

Portable stages. Choir risers. Seating risers. Stage extensions. Continue Reading…

SundaySocial.tv Price Increases on Sunday

If you haven’t signed up for SundaySocial.tv, now is the perfect time. It’s on discount for only $6/month until Sunday. So be sure to subscribe and lock in your price now.

More than 500 churches trust SundaySocial.tv to give them great content for their church social media accounts.

ChurchStageDesignIdeas.com gets tons of views each month (around 400,000). Since we post almost a new stage design each day, there’s tons of content to look through. But the following 10 designs have gotten the most attention over the last year. Check out the top 10 and see if you think they deserve the title.

  1. Burning Boards – 43,558 views
  2. Air Filtered – 38,541 views
  3. Particles of Christmas – 32,989 views
  4. Patterns in the Yarn – 20,054 views
  5. Homemade Baptisms – 17,118 views
  6. Thin Lines – 16,714 views
  7. 3D Pyramids – 14,311 views
  8. Portable Lines – 12,757 views
  9. Tree Variety – 11,444 views
  10. Wood Screen – 11,099 views

Share in a comment below which stage design you think should have made the list.

Make 2017 Your Most Creative Yet

Creativity builds. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

In his book, Old Masters and Young Geniuses, David Galenson describes two different approaches to creativity:

“Experimental innovators work by trial and error, and arrive at their major contributions gradually, late in life. In contrast, conceptual innovators make sudden breakthroughs by formulating new ideas, usually at an early age.”

Which one best describes your creative style? Continue Reading…

Need a Last-Minute Christmas Design?

Or maybe you’re still up in the air about what to do after Christmas? Our friends at Mod Scenes can help.

They want to help you create the best environment possible with their easy-to-setup solutions. Mod Scenes has 100’s of panels in stock and ready to ship out. Most sets ship out the same day and arrive within a few days via ground shipping. Expedited shipping is available too, cutting lead time down to 2 days in most cases. Each of their set packs comes with all the needed hardware to make it super easy. All of their scenic panels are CNC cut to perfection and fire retardant to keep your congregation safe.

Visit the store and see what options are available, or if you need a list custom attention, email steven@modscenes.com or call (530) 723-6421. Continue Reading…

Here are the most visited stage designs for the month of November 2016. Just want to say another big thank you to all the stage designers who submit their stuff for us to see. Continue Reading…

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