Carnival Christmas

Jason Caldwell from Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, WA brings us this carnival/vaudeville stage.

They were inspired by a Coldplay Christmas music video and the vintage stage they had.

They purchased a slew of LED lights for this – they had none before this event. They spent approximately $2500 on the entire set. A majority of that was lighting. They strung Christmas lights throughout the rafters and used 10.5″ brooder lights ($10 each) for an industrial look – lit with edison bulbs ($5 each). They also purchased seven Chauvet Par56 LED’s for uplighting and three Colorstrips for wash.

For the stage proscenium they used countertop underlayment ($20 each x 4) and 1/4″ plywood. The face of the marquee was from 1/4″ plywood and the columns were made from the countertop underlayment (it came in 12′ sheets so no seems). They drilled holes around the perimeter and used C7 light strings and bulbs – basically large Christmas tree lights. They were cheaper than round bulbs common on a real marquee.

They cut Christmas trees out of Coroplast and painted them. The entire set was painted. They also built a front stage wrap out of 1/2” plywood and drilled holes for lighting. On the stage wrap, they used “trouble lights” ($7 each). The stage wrap was modular and could be stored when not in use. The stage wrap was cut on a CNC machine (Computer Navigated Cutter).

The draping was a bright red panne fabric($3.30 yd). It was much cheaper than real red velvet. They purchased the fabric at Jo-Anns.

For the Christmas eve service we dressed in 1920’s garb. Today, they just call it hipster.

IMG_2439 IMG_1175 IMG_1172 IMG_1170 IMG_1164 IMG_1162 IMG_1161

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  1. Wow… Brilliant. I think this is just genius. :D See ya on Sunday, Jason.

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