Burnout Fabric

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this cool use of a cool fabric.

They started off laying out their four vertical sticks of truss 102” apart, mounted on four base plates weighted additionally with sandbags on the backside. Then they did four additional sticks of truss hung from the ceiling at an angle to create the sloped background. They used four more sticks of truss to create a 40’ long run that they hung from the roof with motors. Then they used this solid 40’ long horizontal piece of truss as a pick point for the front side of the diagonally hung truss. This allowed them to use two cheeseboroughs on the front topside of the truss so that it could not sway or be kicked out of alignment with the bottom vertical truss. The back of the diagonal truss was dead hung using 12’ long span sets from the roof.

Then they used cut pieces of schedule 40 black 1.5”ID pipe extended horizontally from the truss by using two cheesboroughs on either side of the truss. This gave them their point off-set from the truss from which to hang their moving lights. They also strategically hung pars lining the center of the truss for added theatrical flare.

The fabric spanning the truss was a burnout fabric. The material was attached to the truss using fabric clips, which were then zip tied to the truss. All the fabric was front lit using a High End 575 Color Wash that was hung from their downstage grid. They also created a type of fabric door covering their stage entrances by attaching fabric to a sliding pipe that traveled along a piece of cable. When closed, the curtain would be latched to the wall via carabineers allowing for a solid look to their stage and a background that covered their slash camera angle. They also decided to put the fabric underneath their side screens and light them by throwing light horizontally across the length of the fabric. These sides allowed the set to grow outside of our proscenium opening and make the stage feel bigger, which they like to do whenever possible.


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  1. Where can you get that fabric?

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