Joseph Esarey from Community Bible Church in Mansfield, Ohio brings us this very bumpy wall.

They purchased Bloom Foldscapes (cardboard ceiling tiles) that fold into a cool cone shape. This cone shape creates illusions and shadows that a flat white tile will not create. Bloom Foldscape tiles may be purchased online for $98 per 24 pack.

They simply created this design as they installed. They are 2×2 squares (once folded) and with a ladder, an electric staple gun, and a lot of patience, they were able to create this brand new stage for under $500. There were 66 tiles used in this design. They had originally planned to do more, but once they reached this design, they knew it was done. The side walls only had three LED panel up lights on each wall. Because of the height of the center sections, they used five LED panel up lights on each side.

To help them design they used a level, a small 1×1 board for spacing, an office staple puller, and at least one other person with an eye for detail to stand back and eyeball.

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14 responses to Bumpy

  1. Can post more details about the led lighting used. Brands,model#, size,lumins, etc.

  2. How many of the packages did you purchase to get what is seen? Am I correct in thinking you bought 3 packs (had a few left over) to get the 66 used in these pictures? 3 packs at 24 in a pack? Thanks!

  3. I like this, how much would this cost me?

  4. We have several boxes of panels left if anyone is interested

  5. Hi, can you tell me if you still have the panels and where they are located. Where can I buy these and are they sold in Canada? Thanks

  6. Hey Deb, can you tell me how you installed them. An electric staple gun is mentioned, but what are they fastened to?

  7. Where did you get the LED lights that were used. Where they only also placed at the bottom or are there any lights at the top.

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