Bublé Wrap

Jeff Poole from UBC Miami in Florida brings us another great use of everyday bubble wrap.

They quite simply attached bubble wrap to some frames they had using clear packing tape. They stacked the frames sideways and lit them up.

They lit he panels to the left and right of the drum riser with Chauvet ColorRado TriTour LED fixtures. Then they lit the 3 panels behind the drums with 4 Chauvet ColorBatten fixtures. The lights under the drums were Chauvet LED Rain Par38s behind Coroplast.

The bubble wrap cost $70 and they had the frames from previous stage designs.

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  1. What material did you use on the drum risor? The white part where the lights are shinning through?

    • I built the frames out of 1 x 4 and put colorplast behind the frames. The lights underneath the drum riser are Chavet LEDRain 38 par cans and are very cheap. Hope that helps.

  2. Where would you even go to get frames like those?

    • They have something called ReSet from Clark…they don’t sell them anymore…but you they are a type of frames made for trade show displays. :)

  3. Where is the least expensive place to get large bulk bubble wrap?

  4. Hello, Jonathan:

    I am so interested in a creative way to enhance our boring school stage to enhance a pop show by our show choir Mar. 1-2.

    This bubble wrap idea is most intriguing. I’m interested not only in the most recent blogs, but any other ideas you could share.

    Of course we are also on a tight budget, but I feel like there have to be very creative ways to enhance our stage if I just reach out and talk to the right talented people.

    Would you mind consulting for a reasonable fee?

  5. What was the total estimated cost for this stage design?

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