Bubble Wrap Streams

Ryan Sharp from Evergreen Christian Community in Olympia, WA brings us this bubble wrap Christmas design.

They purchased a roll of bubble wrap that was 48″ x 300′. They hung it simply by attaching it on the bar at the top of their set with duct tape and also duct taping it to the stage. They lit the bubble wrap with 6 LED light fixtures. They uplit four and downlit two.

We also purchased 24 strand of 22′ Christmas lights. They bundled them in groups of 3 and zip-tied them together making 8 clusters that were hung at different lengths and attached to the catwalk with zip-ties. They also got 10 wires that end with a simple light bulb attachment from IKEA and hung those in between the hanging Christmas lights at different lengths. They were all on different dimmers so they could all be turned on or individually for an even simpler scene.

12 responses to Bubble Wrap Streams

  1. What a fantastic idea… Would we need to be concerned about the lights burning through??

  2. Where did you purchase the bubble wrap?

  3. Ryan Sharp is a creative genius…and my hero.

  4. Stephanie Harris April 3, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    Love this design! We are starting our stage design from scratch. Could you tell me where you ordered your black curtains?

  5. Did you guys paint the bubble wrap or did it just turn that grey-ish color because it was hanging against black curtains?

  6. Jeanne Williams May 1, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    What LED lights did you purchase? Also do you think it makes a difference that the backdrop is black? The wall on the altar of our church is beige. How tall are those curtains? Thanks!

  7. Hey Courtney – we didn’t paint the bubble wrap. Yes the grey color (when all house lights are on) is the result of the black backdrop.

    Jeanne – We have ADJ TRI 64. As long as the room can get dark enough for the LED’s to shine, the color of the backdrop shouldn’t effect the bubble wrap reflecting the colors the LED throws on it. The back fabric we have is 26′ tall.


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