Bright Walls

Glendale Matias from Oasis Church in Los Angeles, California brings us this great women’s conference look.Every year their church hosts an annual women’s conference ( It’s a huge project which takes a year to prepare for, gathering ideas and concepts under the direction from the lead pastors (Philip and Holly Wagner). They rent another church building ( to host the conference because their church home is too small.

Their project had 3 goals; 1) convert an underground parking lot into a space suitable for a conference, 2) the space had to transform multiple times to host 3 different events during the conference, props had to be mobile so that any volunteer can help when the space required transformation – all of this plus 3) adhere to the event art direction and branding.

The main space was a very cold concrete event space. It was the basement floor of a 6 story parking structure. They wanted to bring in the colors of the conference inside this space (Pink/Corals) so they purchased large rolls of tyvek (2′, 6′, 8′ widths) and painted the back side of the material to make customized colored wallpaper. Once they plotted the colors, they attached the tyvek securely using double sided foam-tape. This process took 5 days to complete, the space was huge and we had a steady shift of volunteers working non-stop during the week.

They took this same theme and applied it to the inside of the church outer sanctuary, and upper floor. This tied the installations together visually.

They also built these large rolling flats with wheels. The purpose of the flats was that they needed to 1) divide the event space up and 2) quickly refresh their look by simply turning and rolling them around. On one side they painted stripes to match with the visuals and on the opposite side they painted chalkboard paint that tied in with the conference teaching moment (Chalkboard was used later by guests to write down words).

They also built scenes from their video promo that tied visually to the event. These scenes were used as photo-shoot moments for the guests.

All concept/execution work by volunteers.

Photography © Mat Fretschel (

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2 responses to Bright Walls

  1. My wife has been to this conference multiple time and the one thing she always talks about is the Decor Excellence. The details that each event brings.

  2. Jenifer De Figueiredo May 22, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! What a transformation! What a great use of materials! Kudos! Great job!

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