Boxed In

Joel Tyson from Citypoint Church in Denver, Colorado brings us this boxy stage design.

From Joel: We took elements from a few designs we found on this site and tweaked it to work with our space and resources.

I really liked the look of the lite up box designs but struggled to keep it contained and stable. Fortunately we have some 10×10 box trussing that we used to create a 30×9 structure that would help this free standing structure be stable as well as give it a clean edge.

Inside that structure we set up 8 rows of 24×12 inch white boxes. Each row is 20 boxes wide. I used one of the wood flooring lines to make sure my wall was straight and consistent and built it from the ground up completing one row at a time before I started the second row. Once I reached the top row, the trussing aided in providing stability by holding the boxes in place. We actually ended up putting a piece of 1/2″ ply under our trussing base to the boxes could squeeze inside the structure.

We lite up the boxes with 5 Blizzard HotStiks on the floor to uplight and 8 total Blizzard RokBox’s (4 on each side) to side light. Our system is ran off of a Jands lighting console.

The boxes cost about $3 ea (160 boxes) to come is just under $500. We would have gone with square boxes to save on cost, but we are using those boxes for a Thanksgiving Compassion Outreach and it ended up working out right for us to dual purpose them.

The Blizzard RokBox’s are about $400 ea and the Blizzard HotStik’s are about $350 ea. We had these all in house for our stage / lighting sets. There are several lights that are out there that will work for this application, these are just want we happened to have for longer throws when needed.

2016-10-box-stage-set-1-of-7 2016-10-box-stage-set-2-of-7 2016-10-box-stage-set-3-of-7 2016-10-box-stage-set-4-of-7 2016-10-box-stage-set-5-of-7 2016-10-box-stage-set-6-of-7 2016-10-box-stage-set-7-of-7

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