Gary Clegg from The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida brings us these bent metallic pieces for their stage backdrop.

They were looking for an elegant industrial look that would take them up to our Easter production. The stage was constructed using 10 X 4, 6 X 4 and 2 X 4 sheets of 032 aluminum sheet metal. They were mounted to the back wall via painted 2 X 4″ studs cut to each piece. They mounted the metal sheets to each other with small right angle clips and pop rivets. The panels were lit using 12 Chauvet Baton 72 LED strips they had in-house.

The hardest part of this set was peeling back the protective plastic on the aluminum sheets. They cleaned up the fingerprints using a rag and 93% alcohol. Total cost to do this look at two campuses was $1500 and about 3 days to make it happen.

Metal-Stage-A Metal-Stage-F Metal-Stage-G Metal-Stage-H Metal-Stage-I Blue Stage & Russsm IMG_1650sm IMG_1692sm

9 responses to Bender

  1. Hey quick question! By the way the set looks incredible! How did you guys bend the sheet metal?

    • by hand, had to make sure we didn’t crease it.

      • Hey Gary. we are about to do this design at our church next week. we just got all the aluminum i just have some questions about hanging jt and how exactly you guys used the pop rivets. is there a place where i could email you?

      • Hello Greg,

        I would like to do this stage design. Would you mind sending me the details. I love it! Great Job!


      • Hi Gary., im working on doing a new stage in our church in co. and i love the way this looks, you think you can send me the info i need to put it togetter please?

  2. Great job! Where did you purchase the aluminum?

  3. Where did you position your lighting? I’m having a hard time getting great coverage.

  4. Love this set. Really like the way it looks when lit with the blues and purple lighting.

  5. I’m curious to know if this affected sound quality in any way. Did the sheets vibrate during worship?

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