Behind the Steps

Matt Carroll from Gadsden Christian Fellowship in Gadsden, AL brings us this cool use of pallets that makes you feel like you’re hiding underneath a staircase.

For this design they made a center screen 7’x10′ and used the backside of billboard material to project on. Then they used the spandex cube design from another stage design to place below. For the sides they used stone paneling, painted it light gray, and put 1x2s at the bottom to tie in with the suspended pallet wood panels.

For the pallet panels they took 2x4s and built frames to 4’x10′. Then they took aluminum window screen and crinkled it up and stapled it to the back. Then they took Christmas lights and ran them inside perimeter of the frame. To finish them they took 1x2s and spaced them at an equal distance. They then angled them off of the wall to the ceiling.

For the TVs they cut a truss in half and hung the TVs on them. The TVs were used for media and video. From the ceiling they took the pendent lights from the previous stage design and added the metal parts from utility work lights to give it an industrial look.

IMG_1368 IMG_1373 IMG_1374 IMG_1376 IMG_1379 IMG_1383

2 responses to Behind the Steps

  1. I like that. Good use of space with that stair look.

  2. what kind of led lights are you using on the panels?

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