Lisa Rogers from Corner Point Church in Godley, Texas brings us this chalked stage design that would be even better with chalkboard paint.

They created this chalkboard design for a “Sermon on the Mount” series. They picked key words and phrases – arranged them with different fonts – put them on an overhead – and started tracing. Their back wall was already painted flat black so they simply used white chalk to draw on the letters. They got some different looks by rubbing over the chalk with fingers and tissues – fingers gave us a bold, bright white and smearing the chalk with tissues gave it a grey appearance. They cleaned up smudges and oops with a damp paper towel and a couple of baby wipes.

Their inspiration was the beautiful chalkboard menus they have seen at coffee shops and cafes. The cost was excellent – 2 boxes of white chalk at $ .47 each.

chalk3 chalk4 chalk5 chalk6 chalk7 chalk8 chalk9 chalk13

3 responses to Bechalked

  1. It was a blast, and the outcome was better than we had imagined!

  2. Great idea! Love it!

  3. Wow… great idea. Low cost, easy care/clean up, multiple use… what’s not to love about that? Thanks for sharing.

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