Band in a Box

Jason Rollin from Zion Christian Church in Troy, MI brings us these cool boxes to back his band.

They got the idea from the design “Tower Words“.

They made six, 8′ X 4′ X 1′ boxes using 1 inch furring strips. They bought clear sheets of Coroplast for the front and sides. Then they bought white Coroplast sheets for the back to reflect the light better.

They put Elation Tri Opti 30 lights in each box and had their lighting guy program the lights to the worship songs using Light Jockey.

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19 responses to Band in a Box

  1. What was your overall coat for this set design.

  2. Looks great – where did you get the coroplast?

  3. Can you email me the step by step process. We are about to start a service here at our church called, “Ignite”, and I really love this design!

  4. Jeremy,
    I sure can, but it’s pretty self explaining in the description. What’s your email?

  5. Dumb question maybe…. What are furring strips?

  6. Really like the design. Our church is always looking for things we can do on our smaller stage, and I think this one will work nicely! I had a couple questions: Did you have any problems with the light bleeding from one box to the other? Also, how did this look with just the house lights? We typically raise our house lights during the sermon. Thanks again for sharing a great design!

    • We didn’t have any problems with bleeding. And with the house lights up they still looked great. I loved this design a lot and it was fun and easy to build.

  7. Question…. With have clear Coroplast and white Coroplast. Where did you put the LED lights? In front, In between, Behind? Thank you….

  8. Hey man,

    I have not wrote you because I pretty much gave up on this idea. I found a place that has white coroplast but no clear. They mentioned something called trancelucent. Would that work on the side and the front while I put the white on the back?

  9. Did you use clear or white coroplast at the top?

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