Back to School

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this back to school design for kids.

The apple was a paper mâche project from their “Juicy Fruit” series and touched up with a little fresh paint. The pencil was a donated carpet roll insert, painted. They used brown craft paper was near the tip of the pencil and a $2 black funnel was purchased for the lead. A full sheet of pink construction paper was wrapped around for the eraser and a small piece of mirrored film was used as the metal insert to the eraser.

The color crayon box was framed out with 2×4’s and covered in thin pressboard and painted. To make the crayons appear to be coming out of the box, a shelf was built inside, 4 inch pipe was cut at different lengths and covered in construction paper and the paper was curved to resemble a tip. The lid was made from cardboard and the inside lined with brown craft paper.

The notebook paper was simply a piece of white craft paper covering a thin sheet of pressboard, lines spaced out and circles to resemble holes.

The ruler was a discarded board headed to the dumpster and marked out with a marker and stencils.

Estimated cost: $15
Estimated hours: 12

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4 responses to Back to School

  1. Super creative with common materials! You folks do great work!

  2. Awesome set, great job. Can’t wait to try it out.

  3. Great design, but how do you figure it costs only $15? The wood for the crayon box alone is pushing $40.

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