Award Show

Mark Mealy from LightSound Productions helping Southern Wesleyan University brings us this award show design.

Organizers at the university wanted a set that modeled ESPN’s Sports Center.

The Stage

Six 4′ x 10′ slatted panels were created using luan slats and a 1×4 frame. This idea has been used by several others on this website. They were lit with six 100W floot light pointing down and four Chauvet Color Palettes pointing up. Behind the panel was 10′ x 30′ of white drape with four 500W PAR 64s lighting it. There were also 2 square truss towers with 40″ TV’s. The desk was constructed using a 2×4 frame and bending a piece of luan around the front. Three holes were cut in the front for the 40″monitor and the two 15″ monitors. The trim on the desk and letters were cut out of blue board foam.

The House

The columns on the walls were lit with LED fixtures. Six 8′ columns were created with two pieces of barn skylight material and lit with LED fixtures. The SWUPYS logos were projected from the balcony using gobos in two Source Four fixtures.

Equipment List

12 DJS LED fixtures
6 100W Flood lights
4 500W PAR 64s
4 MAC 250s
4 Chauvet Color Palettes
2 10′ square truss
2 ETC Source 4 575W/26 degree
2 15′ LCD monitors
3 40″ TVs
2 DMX Splitters
1 NSI DDS6000 dimmer
2 DMX to twisted pair adapters
1 Chamsys MagicQ PC with PC Wing
2 computers for video feed
House lighting and projectors

noid-IMG_0299 noid-IMG_0300 noid-IMG_0366 noid-IMG_0367

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