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Dave Spier from Trinity Church in Mesa, AZ brings us this cool use of the stage design class: Coroplast.

From Dave: I was guest leading at Christ Church of the Valley, East Valley Campus, and saw a design that I really loved and wanted to modify to make my own. Then my buddy, Jack Koski, at Compass Christian Church, modified it for his church, and then I modified his modification for my stage. Needless to say this design has rocked, and we have been able to do 3 different designs with most of the same bits and pieces.

We started with lots of tiny circles, and then we made a design with the nativity for Christmas, and then we have gone with “check marks” for the 3rd design. The “boxes” are 2 measuring 4×8 ft tall, and 2 at 4×6. I used 2×6 pieces of wood, and then stapled white pieces of Coroplast to the back. The front pieces of black Coroplast were cut by Group Imaging, in Mesa AZ, so they could use their router to make the cuts perfect. This is key, because there is no way to make the cuts this perfect by hand. So the front pieces cost a few hundred dollars. We are using 2 American DJ Ultra Bar 12 fixtures, per box, one on top and one on bottom, that we drilled into the 2x6s. We are also fortunate to have a wood stage, so we drilled those straight into the stage. You could easily add legs to them, so they could stand on their own. We also drilled holes into the corners of the back pieces of white Coroplast, so the cables could easily come in and out. Then we gaff taped the fronts of black Coroplast around the edges, so you can’t see any light bleed.

You guys can find the “blinders” all over this site, so do a search for work lights and you’ll find lots. Then at Christmas time we added the string lights into the air over the audience. And we love them so much we’ve left them up. We got them at Costco. They are like $49, but you can get them on sale for $39 occasionally through the year. We use American DJ mega tri pars as some of the lights back lighting the band. You can get them for like $80-100. They make a big bang for the buck if you can use them as back lighting and aren’t trying to get too much out of them.

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